Archive of posts with category 'originals'

15 October 2014 Originals: Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground (covered by Damon & Naomi)
8 October 2014 Originals: You Turned My Head Around by Ann-Margret (covered by Dean & Britta)
1 October 2014 Originals: Watashi no Hana by Kazuki Tomokawa (covered by Damon & Naomi)
24 September 2014 Originals: Yoo Doo Right by CAN (covered by Damon & Naomi)
17 September 2014 Originals: The World's Strongest Man by Scott Walker (covered by Damon and Naomi)
10 September 2014 Originals: Who Am I by Country Joe and the Fish (covered by Damon & Naomi)
5 September 2014 Originals: Friday I'm in Love by The Cure (covered by Dean & Britta)
3 September 2014 Originals: Well.... All Right by Buddy Holly and The Crickets (covered by Galaxie 500)
27 August 2014 Originals: White Horses by Jacky (covered by Dean & Britta)
20 August 2014 Originals: Whispering Pines by The Band (covered by Damon & Naomi)
13 August 2014 Originals: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles (covered by Damon and Naomi)
6 August 2014 Originals: We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers by Adam Green (covered by Dean and Britta)
23 July 2014 Originals: Victory Garden by Red Krayola (covered by Galaxie 500)
16 July 2014 Originals: Translucent Carriages by Pearls Before Swine (covered by Damon and Naomi)
9 July 2014 Originals: Time by Nancy Sinatra (covered by Cagney & Lacee)
1 July 2014 Originals: De l'automne a l'automne by Line et Willy (covered by Damon and Naomi)
25 June 2014 Originals: This Changing World by Claudine Longet (covered by Damon & Naomi)
11 June 2014 Originals: Teen Angel by Donovan (covered by Dean & Britta)
4 June 2014 Originals: Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses (covered by Luna)
28 May 2014 Originals: Submission by The Sex Pistols (covered by Galaxie 500)
21 May 2014 Originals: Straight Up by Paula Abdul (covered by Luna)
16 May 2014 Originals: Spirit of Love by C.O.B. (covered by Damon & Naomi)
7 May 2014 Originals: Song to the Siren by Tim Buckley (covered by Damon & Naomi)
30 April 2014 Originals: Six Feet of Chain by Lee Hazlewood (covered by Cagney & Lacee)
23 April 2014 Originals: Since I Lay My Burden Down by Michael Holland (covered by Dean & Britta)
16 April 2014 Originals: Season of the Witch by Donovan (covered by Luna)
9 April 2014 Originals: Sally Free and Easy by Trees (covered by Magic Hour)
2 April 2014 Originals: Ride Into the Sun by The Velvet Underground (covered by Luna)
26 March 2014 Originals: Random Rules by Silver Jews (covered by Dean & Britta)
19 March 2014 Originals: Rain by The Beatles (covered by Galaxie 500)
12 March 2014 Originals: La poupée qui fait non by Michel Polnareff (covered by Luna)
5 March 2014 Originals: Outdoor Miner by Wire (covered by Luna)
26 February 2014 Originals: Our Love Will Still Be There by The Troggs (covered by Dean & Britta)
19 February 2014 Originals: Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper (covered by Luna)
5 February 2014 Originals: No Regrets by Tom Rush (covered by Luna)
29 January 2014 Originals: Neon Lights by Kraftwerk (covered by Luna)
22 January 2014 Originals: Moonshot by Buffy Sainte-Marie (covered by Galaxie 500 and Dean & Britta)
15 January 2014 Originals: Memories by The Soft Machine (covered by Damon & Naomi)
8 January 2014 Originals: Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
4 January 2014 Originals: Living Too Close to the Ground by The Everly Brothers (covered by Dean Wareham)
4 January 2014 Originals: I Wonder If I Care as Much by The Everly Brothers (covered by Damon & Naomi)
31 December 2013 Originals: Rock Your Baby by George McCrae (covered by Luna)
20 December 2013 Originals: She's Coming Home by The Wailers (covered by Dean & Britta with Sonic Boom): Xmas special #3
18 December 2013 Originals: White Christmas by Bing Crosby covered by Damon & Naomi: Xmas special #2
16 December 2013 Originals: Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller (covered by Dean & Britta with Sonic Boom) : Xmas special #1
11 December 2013 Originals: Love by Jacks (covered by Damon & Naomi)
4 December 2013 Originals: Listen, the Snow Is Falling by Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band (covered by Galaxie 500)
27 November 2013 Originals: Life Will Pass You By by Kaleidoscope (covered by Damon & Naomi)
20 November 2013 Originals: The Beginning of Goodbye by Marty Robbins (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
13 November 2013 Originals: Jealous Guy by John Lennon (covered by Luna)
6 November 2013 Originals: Je t'aime... moi non plus by Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin (covered by Angel Corpus Christi and Dean Wareham)
6 November 2013 Originals: I Want to Boogie With You by Lou Reed (covered by Angel Corpus Christi and Dean Wareham)
30 October 2013 Originals: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan (covered by Damon & Naomi)
23 October 2013 Originals: Isn't It a Pity by George Harrison (covered by Galaxie 500)
16 October 2013 Originals: Happy 75th birthday, Nico
9 October 2013 Originals: Indian Summer by The Doors (covered by Dean & Britta)
2 October 2013 Originals: Indian Summer by Beat Happening (covered by Dean Wareham and Luna)
25 September 2013 Originals: In The Flesh by Blondie (covered by Luna)
18 September 2013 Originals: I'm Not Sayin' by Gordon Lightfoot (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
11 September 2013 Originals: I'll Keep It With Mine by Judy Collins (covered by Dean & Britta)
4 September 2013 Originals: I Shall Be Released by The Band (covered by Damon & Naomi with Tom Rapp)
28 August 2013 Originals: I Found It Not So by Cheval Sombre (covered by Dean & Britta)
21 August 2013 Originals: I Deserve It by Madonna (covered by Dean & Britta)
14 August 2013 Originals: Hold On by John Lennon (covered by Luna)
8 August 2013 Originals: Memphis by Karen Black (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
7 August 2013 Originals: Hey You by Pink Floyd (covered by Dean Wareham)
31 July 2013 Originals: Here She Comes Now by The Velvet Underground (covered by Galaxie 500)
17 July 2013 Originals: Happy New Year by Shockabilly (covered by Luna)
10 July 2013 Originals: Greyhound Goin' Somewhere by Bobbie Gentry (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
3 July 2013 Originals: Forever by The Beach Boys (covered by Dean & Britta)
26 June 2013 Originals: For The Sake of The Children by Henry Gibson (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
19 June 2013 Originals: Fly Into the Mystery by Jonathan RIchman & The Modern Lovers (covered by Luna)
12 June 2013 Originals: Final Day by Young Marble Giants (covered by Galaxie 500)
5 June 2013 Originals: Everybody's Talkin' by Fred Neil (covered by Luna)
29 May 2013 Originals: Eulogy to Lenny Bruce by Nico (covered by Damon & Naomi)
22 May 2013 Originals: Dream Baby Dream by Suicide (covered by Luna)
15 May 2013 Originals: Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste by Jonathan Richman (covered by Galaxie 500)
8 May 2013 Originals: Distractions, Pt 1 by Bobby Darin (covered by Dean & Britta)
1 May 2013 Originals: Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin (covered by Luna)
24 April 2013 Originals: Dance With Me by The Modern Lovers (covered by Luna)
17 April 2013 Originals: Colours by Donovan (covered by Dean & Britta)
10 April 2013 Originals: Cheese and Onions by The Rutles (covered by Galaxie 500)
3 April 2013 Originals: Ceremony by Joy Division (covered by Galaxie 500)
27 March 2013 Originals: By The Way (I Still Love You) by Nancy Sinatra (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
20 March 2013 Originals: Borderline by Madonna (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
13 March 2013 Originals: Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot (covered by Luna)
6 March 2013 Originals: Blue Moon by Big Star (covered by Damon & Naomi)
27 February 2013 Originals: Yours Tonight by Martin Rev (covered by Cagney and Lacee)
20 February 2013 Originals: Back in Your Life by Jonathan Richman (covered by Galaxie 500)
7 February 2013 Originals: Araçá azul by Caetano Veloso (covered by Damon & Naomi)
31 January 2013 Originals: America by Traffic Sound (covered by Magic Hour)