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The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)

BrooklynVegan has debuted the new video for The Bend in the River from the excellent Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre album released earlier this year.

Video for The Bend in the River

The video was directed by long time Luna collaborator Matthew Buzzell, director of the farewell tour documentary Tell me Do You Miss Me and last year's video for the track Friends from A Sentimental Education.

While talking to BrooklynVegan Dean shared his top ten things of 2018 - head over there to find out the books, records and gigs that excited Dean this year.

The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
The Bend in the River - Dean Wareham vs Cheval Sombre (dir: Matthew Buzzell)

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It's that time of year again - the AHFoW survey has been running annually since 1995 - back then you only had to decide which of three Luna albums was your fave, and your Damon & Naomi choice was between just two! Things are a bit more complicated now ~ so get your thinking caps on!

Vote in the 2018 survey

There'll be a couple of entries drawn from the e-hat that'll get a little bit of something - one from the US and one from somewhere else in the world.

If the form is a problem feel free to send in your vote in an email answering as many or as few of the following questions as takes your fancy:

  • Country
  • Age (feel free to ignore or be as vague as you like!)
  • Fave Galaxie 500 album
  • 3 fave Galaxie 500 songs
  • Fave Luna album
  • 3 fave Luna songs
  • Fave Damon & Naomi album
  • 3 fave Damon & Naomi songs
  • Fave Dean & Britta album
  • 3 fave Dean & Britta songs songs
  • Fave Dean album
  • 3 fave Dean songs

Also let me know if you your name to be in the hat for a prize.

Most, possibly all, of my #ahfow related vinyl. There may be some misfiled strays missing #galaxie500 #deanwareham #deanandbritta #damonandnaomi #Luna #brittaphillips #magichour #cagneyandlacee
Make your choice

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Damon Krukowski's award winning podcast series Ways of Hearing is now available on Bandcamp and a book version will be released in the new year.

Earlier this year Damon wrote and presented an excellent six part radio series inspired by the themes explored in his book The New Analog. The whole of Ways of Hearing is now available to listen to and buy from Bandcamp and is well worth throwing a few dollars Damon's way to get to hear it in a lossless format for the first time.

The series will also be getting a release in book form by MIT Press in April.

Each chapter of Ways of Hearing explores a different aspect of listening in the digital age: time, space, love, money, and power […]. Music has been dematerialized, no longer an object to be bought and sold. With recommendation algorithms and playlists, digital corporations have created a media universe that adapts to us, eliminating the pleasures of brick-and-mortar browsing. Krukowski lays out a choice: do we want a world enriched by the messiness of noise, or one that strives toward the purity of signal only?

Ways of Hearing book
Ways of Hearing book
Ways of Hearing podcast
Ways of Hearing podcast

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The always excellent NYCTaper has posted a splendid recording of Luna at Industry City in Brooklyn in August.

In the evolving story of Luna v2.0, the band continues to entertain in new ways. While last year it was the eclectic and meticulously curated covers album A Sentimental Education, this year’s tour seems to be an exercise in finding the deep cuts that haven’t been performed in more a decade. Its been three years now and as we’ve chronicled umpteen shows, but at this Industry City show in August we saw Luna perform four songs for the first time — “Math Wiz”, “I Can’t Wait”, “Broken Chair” and the Galaxie 500 number “Strange”.

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Luna + Confuse-Ray at Debaser, Stockholm
Luna in Stockholm

Up early and on a train to Stockholm at 8:15. The train is a treat, comfortable and relaxing and pretty quick - not as quick as flying but so much more comfortable. We left Copenhagen in the rain and arrived in Stockholm to blue skies and blustery winds. It made the city so much easier to love.

Checked into the Airbnb, grabbed some food, and filled the afternoon with a visit to Skogskyrkogården (a cemetery).

Debaser was on the waterfront, it didn't have the character of Copenhagen's venue but it had air and space, it had high ceilings and a high stage. Also, when I arrived, it had almost no punters.

Luna + Confuse-Ray at Debaser, Stockholm
Dean Wareham of Luna in Stockholm

Confuse-Ray opened the show with punchy guitars, but never really grabbed my attention despite that.

The venue slowly started to fill but it didn't seem like the show was going to pull a crowd. Then, all of a sudden it had. The audience was suddenly decent and enthusuastic and Luna made it worth their while. Tonights surprises was the first live outing for Luna's cover of Roy Orbison's California Blue; and a blinding Fuzzy Wuzzy to close the show (thanks to Mike's efforts).

Luna - California Blue (Stockholm, 2018)

… and then it was all over. Thanks Luna and thanks to all the Luna fans I met over the week - you make it better.

Luna + Confuse-Ray at Debaser, Stockholm
The end - Luna (Stockholm, 2018)
Luna + Confuse-Ray at Debaser, Stockholm
Show over

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Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Luna in Copenhagen

We took the train from Copenhagen to Aarhus sharing the carriage/journey with Joakim and Ulrika. We arrived in the rain and went looking for, and eventually finding, food. Always the priority on arrival in a new city.

Luna were playing in Loppen in Freetown Christiana, a strangely bohemian part of the city. We wandered through the drugs stalls and ate falafel and drunk lemonade ~ I'm not sure Freetown was ideal for my uptight-ness. Motorhead's Killed By Death played on a nearby radio.

The venue was low ceilinged and oddly laid out, it had the charm of rock venues of the past - the sort of charm that was better in nostalgia than in reality. It filled up, and heated up.

Echo Ladies at Loppen in Copenhagen
Echo Ladies in Copenhagen

First up were Echo Ladies, whose recent Pink Noise LP on Sonic Cathedral is a gem, and who I'd managed to miss on their recent visits to London. It was good to get to see them.

Luna played I Want Everything which I was hoping to get to hear on this tour but hadn't turned up in the two shows so far. I noticed that Fuzzy Wuzzy had been crossed off the set list. That was a bit sad (luckily Mike also noticed the crossing out and took steps to rectify that in Stockholm).

The band were tight and the crowd were fans - Chinatown almost drifted into sing-a-long territory. It was a good show - but the heat and the crowds meant when the ending arrived it came as a bit of a relief.

You can download the full show at From the basement

Luna - I Want Everything (Copenhagen, 2018)
Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Dean Wareham of Luna in Copenhagen
Luna at Loppen, Copenhagen
Britta and Dean throw rock shapes in Copenhagen

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Luna at Atlas, Aarhus
Luna in Aarhus

Having taken the hard (and regrettable) decision to skip the shows in Bristol and Hamburg Monday morning was spent traumatically crossing London in rush-hour to get to Stansted and thence to Aarhus for my second luna show of the year.

I knew nothing of Aarhus but it was in the right direction if we wanted to end our tour in Stockholm. After the RyanAir flight (never again) to Aarhus we arrived, grabbed some food and snoozed the afternoon away in our Airbnb.

Luna at Atlas, Aarhus
Britta Phillips of Luna in Aarhus

We arrived at the venue while The Telenovelas were rattling through a sweet and faithful cover of The Go-Betweens Right Here. The stage was low and the room was spacious and airy. It was more comfortable than London which made for a more relaxed feeling show.

Aarhus's surprise was a fantastic Black Postcards, a song that took on a life on Luna's farewell tour of 2004/5 but had pretty much slipped out of the repertoire since their 2015 reunion. "It's never the same twice".

Luna - Anesthesia (Aarhus, Denmark - September 2018)
Luna at Atlas, Aarhus
Dean Wareham of Luna in Aarhus

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Luna at the Islington Academy

Over the course of a week I saw Luna four times in four different cities, here is the first of my word-sketches of those four shows.

For the London show I bunked off work early, met the boy and headed to the Academy for Luna's souncheck - it was a treat, you can read a little and watch a video of the soundcheck on Everything's Swirling.

After soundcheck it was off to Euphorium for the pre-show meet-up which was well attended and nice to catch up with the Luna-tics, we then headed off for the show to catch great support slots by Gaygirl and Fear of Men - some top DJ-work from Sonic Cathedral and find that Luna were, unsurprisingly, in top-form.

Gaygirl at Islington Academy
Fear of Men
Fear of Men at Islington Academy

The Academy isn't a particularly nice venue (although the boy found a comfy seat on the mezzanine) but the sound was good, the audience were enthusuastic and the band in good spirits.

Nice surprise was hearing that Math Wiz was getting an outing on this tour - The Days of Our Nights has always been very under-represented in Luna live shows but this and Superfreaky Memories have been added to the repertoire for this tour (although I wasn't lucky enough to hear the latter).

Show over we were unceremoniusly herded out of the venue and decamped to a nearby pub for a little post-show gathering.

A nice start to my Luna tour and nice to see so many familiar faces, and to meet a couple of new ones.

Dean Wareham of Luna at Islington Academy
Luna at Islington Academy
Luna - Flowers (London, 2018)

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Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre (photo: Luz Gallardo)
Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre (photo: Luz Gallardo)

A second track from the forthcoming Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre album has just been released. Cheval Sombre takes lead vocals on this cover of Blaze Foley's If I Could Only Fly and has a gorgeous video by Dan Huiting to accompany it.

If I Could Only Fly - Dean Wareham vs. Cheval Sombre

The duo have also announced two full band shows, one in New York City in December and one in San Francisco in January… not sure if there'll be more but keep your fingers crossed!

7th December 2018 Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, USA
26th January 2019 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Galaxie 500 - Tugboat 7
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat

Damon & Naomi have put up for auction a mint/unplayed copy of Galaxie 500's first single Tugboat with all proceeds going to Beto O'Rourkes senate campaign.

From Damon & Naomi's personal archive, an original copy of Galaxie 500's debut 7" single "Tugboat," on blue vinyl. There were 500 numbered copies of this first pressing sold. This is an UNNUMBERED copy from Damon & Naomi's own collection, never offered for sale. This copy has never been played and although the sleeve shows its age from yellowing and a bit of creasing around the single, this is old new stock and therefore MINT/MINT. (But please note this is also sold AS IS, any flaws should be considered a part of this original artifact.)

We are putting this one-of-a-kind collector's item up for auction to benefit #BETOFORTEXAS, the campaign of Beto O'Rourke to become senator from Texas. As reported recently in the press, Beto was an indie rocker before he was a politician - and among the recordings that have surfaced is one of him playing drums on a cover of Galaxie 500's version of Jonathan Richman's "Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste." Let's bond together and not let our country go to waste - end the corruption of politics by supporting campaigns that reject corporate money, like Beto O'Rourke's. And wherever you are, VOTE.


Galaxie 500 original Tugboat 7" single blue Mint/Mint TO BENEFIT #BETOFORTEXAS!


Another seller is auctioning TWO copies of Tugboat, also in aid of Beto O'Rourke's campaign:

2 Original copies of Galaxie 500's debut 7" single "Tugboat," #488/500 on Blue Vinyl, along with the Black Vinyl version. Paper Sleeves are bright white with no ripping, about as MINT/MINT as you’re ever going to find. These are historic items, certainly not to be played.

I am following in the footsteps of Damon & Naomi, placing these one-of-a-kind collector's item up for auction to benefit #BETOFORTEXAS, the campaign of Beto O'Rourke to become Senator from Texas.

I have the world’s largest collection of Galaxie 500 music and music memorabilia, with this election giving me cause to part with these two gems. Both records are resting in plastic sleeves, the record jackets are also housed in their own plastic sleeves, as it the altar rare and seldom seen AURORA RECORDS FLYER, also in mint condition.


I can not implore you enough to VOTE, and please encourage your friends to VOTE as well.

2 Galaxie 500 Tugboat 7" Singles Blue & Black Vinyl Flyer BENEFIT #BETOFORTEXAS

Galaxie 500 - Tugboat x 2
Galaxie 500 - King of Spain