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Living Too Close to the Ground by The Everly Brothers (covered by Dean Wareham)

I started writing this when I got to the Ls back in November - despite what it says below in the post I decided to NOT ‘go with it’ … until the sad news of Phil Everly’s passing forced my hand. RIP Phil.

Roots - The Everly Brothers
Roots - The Everly Brothers

I was sort of in a dilemma as to whether to include songs that were released after I started the series but decided to go with it, even though it means that this track, included in the digital release of Emancipated Hearts, gets a post but the terrific Incredible String Band cover Air on the album proper won’t get a look in, as I’m long past the As…

But, when I visited the list of covers, there it was… so…

Living Too Close to The Ground was written by The Everly Brothers bassist Terry Slater for their 1968 album Roots.

And, as mentioned, Dean recorded it in 2012 and released it as a bonus track on his 2013 small LP “Emancipated Hearts”