Originals: Sally Free and Easy by Trees (covered by Magic Hour)

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OK, I know that Sally Free & Easy wasn't originally by Trees. It was written in the 1950s by English folk singer and songwriter Cyril Tawney, but I can't help but think that the Magic Hour version was more likely a cover of the track as recorded by the English folk band Trees for their brilliant 1970 album "On the Shore".

Sally Free and Easy - Trees

Here's a version by the Mr Tawney from his 1972 album "In Port".

Sally Free and Easy - Cyril Tawney

Oh but all the greats of English folk probably have it in their repertoire.

Magic Hour released their cover on the 1994 album No Excess is Absurd and it was the only track by the band to feature Naomi Yang's vocals.

If you pop 10 minutes into this video you can see Magic Hour performing the track at The Sausage Machine in London in 1994.

Magic Hour live in London, 1994

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