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Ride Into the Sun by The Velvet Underground (covered by Luna)

Facing the rails

Ride Into the Sun never made it onto any of The Velvet Underground's official releases until, I believe, their posthumous Another View compilation was released in 1986, the version on that was an istrumental version recorded in 1969, an earlier version, with vocals, had turned up on the 1993 Australian box set, and an out-take from the Loaded sessions made it onto the Peel Slowly and See box set. There are also live versions kicking around, notably on the Quine Tapes.

I'm not going to try and work out what we have here... and when it was recorded because I haven't listened that closely and it's a can of worms I'm not ready to open (anyone is welcome to correct my guesses!)...

Instrumental (I think this is the 1969 version from Another View)

Vocal (This is the Loaded out-take)

Vocal (I think this may be the earlier vocal version)

A studio version made it onto Lou Reed's debut LP

Luna's version was among the first recordings of the band as a quartet after Sean Eden joined the band in 1992. It was released on the Indian Summer EP (in the UK) and the Slide single in the US in 1993.

Here's a video of them performing it at in 1992

In 1996 Luna supported Lou Reed on his Set The Twilight Reeling tour, this recording is of Lou joining Luna on stage at The Beacon Theater in NYC

And if that's not enough Ride Into the Sun there's another recording of Lou and Luna at The Orpheum in Boston from 1996 over here.

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