Originals: Season of the Witch by Donovan (covered by Luna)

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The Lancashire Witches

Donovan wrote Season of the Witch for his 1966 LP Sunshine Superman, it helped weed out the Dylan copyist stuff that Pennebaker had planted in Don’t Look Back.

Luna’s version was recorded during the Penthouse sessions and was first heard on the soundtrack of 1996 film I Shot Andy Warhol. Beggars Banquet also released it as a single.

Here’s a live version played at The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC in January 1996

And never one to miss an opportunity to indulge my past here’s Sam Gopal’s cover from their 1969 album Escalator… Sam Gopal was the tabla player, but he’s not the reason I’ve posted this version, feel free to guess why.

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