Originals: I Shall Be Released by The Band (covered by Damon & Naomi with Tom Rapp)

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I know, it's a Dylan track - but (apparently) Dylan never released a version of it until 1971 whereas The Band's version of I Shall Be Released was on their debut album Music From The Big Pink in 1968.

It's possibly most famously performed by (almost) everyone in The Last Waltz

Damon & Naomi played it at the first Terrastock with Tom Rapp and that version was released on the All Access CD released with the commemorative edition of Ptolemaic Terrascope.

Even Tom Rapp had released a version before His Bob-ness, on 1969's Pearls Before Swine LP - These Things Too

And loads of other folk have covered it too - here's Nina Simone

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