Originals: Indian Summer by Beat Happening (covered by Dean Wareham and Luna)

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I've done plenty of Indian Summer posts over the years so I'll keep this one brief...

Originally by Beat Happening on their fab 1988 album Jamboree

Indian Summer - Beat Happening

Covered by Dean Wareham on a Chemical Imbalance single while he was still a part of Galaxie 500

Covered by Luna on an EP 1992…

Luna - Indian Summer

… and played at most of their shows over the course of their lifetime - they played it the first time I saw them in 1992 and it was the last song I ever saw them play in 2005

Indian Summer - Luna, 1992
Indian Summer - Luna, 1999

UPDATE 2016-06-13: … and still finishing shows with it on the reunion…

Luna - Indian Summer, 2015

I collected a few of the many covers of Indian Summer on Eeverything's Swirling a couple of years back.

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