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Yours Tonight by Martin Rev (covered by Cagney & Lacee)

Be Mine
Cagney & Lacee were Dean Wareham and his then wife Claudia Silver. They released a mini album of covers and a couple of singles in the late 1990s.

The opening track on Cagney & Lacee's only album Six Feet of Chain is called "Be Mine" and is credited to Martin Rev. Now Mr Rev, of fab noisy electronic duo Suicide, did indeed release a track called Be Mine, it was on his album "See Me Ridin'" from 1996 - but the track "Be Mine" on Cagney & Lacee's 1997 album isn't a cover of that! No, Cagney & Lacee's "Be Mine" is actually a cover of "Yours Tonight" another track on "See Me Ridin'"

Again, not on YouTube so,

For Spotify users:

Not sure whether this was a mistake or intentional - I've decided it was a test for fans, one that I failed utterly completely by not discovering it until 15 years after Six Feet of Chain was released!

Update (14th July 2020): Currently on YouTube, so…

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