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Originals: Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller (covered by Dean & Britta with Sonic Boom) : Xmas special #1

Roger Miller - Old Toy Trains
Roger Miller - Old Toy Trains

Old Toy Trains was recorded by Roger Miller in 1967 and released on a single by Smash records... and here's a video of that very single on YouTube, with an old toy car

Dean & Britta first made available their cover of Old Toy Trains as a giveaway across the Internet in December 2004 (it was available to download from Luna's site, Sonic Boom's site and AHFoW).

In 2006 the song was remixed by Sonic Boom and given away again

And in 2007 the remix version was released as a lovely 7" single by Chimney Rocks Records on the b-side of another Christmas song He's Coming Home.

And as a bonus, I get to post a Nana Mouskouri cover on AHFoW for the second time this year... Nana released it on her 1972 Christmas with Nana Mouskouri album

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