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I Found It Not So by Cheval Sombre (covered by Dean & Britta)

The b-side of Dean Wareham's new single, released yesterday, is She Went Walking in the Rain, a cover of a track from Cheval Sombre's second album Mad Love, today's entry in the originals list is Dean & Britta's cover of Cheval Sombre's I Found It Not So.

The original of I Found It Not So was released on a 7" single by Static Caravan in 2008 and then on Mr Sombre's debut album on Dean & Britta's Double Feature Records. It features Dean Wareham on guitar.

Here's a video of Cheval Sombre performing it with Dean & Britta and Sonic Boom at St Giles's Church in London in 2009

Dean & Britta covered it to accompany Mary Woronov's screen test for 13 Most Beautiful. Here's a clip of Dean & Britta performing it at The Warhol Museum in 2012

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