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Outdoor Miner by Wire (covered by Luna)

Belgian women workers in coal mine  (LOC)
Some miners, outdoors

Outdoor Miner was released by Wire on their tremendous 1978 album Chairs Missing, it went on to become an indie standard, to the point where a whole album of cover versions exists. Lots of good covers on that album but none come close to the original:

Luna's cover first put in an appearance on a 7" single released by Spanish indie label Radiation in 1996, it came wrapped in the memorable cat-nailed-to-a-board sleeve - a photo the label/designer thought so wonderful they put it on the 7" gatefold sleeve no less than three times!

Here's that sleeve, cat lovers avert your eyes!

... and here's my second favourite Outdoor Miner cover by Flying Saucer Attack, cool video too.

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