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My record collection
The A Head Full of Wishes 'my record collection' quiz results

So I closed the quiz and have spent the afternoon totting up the scores. There weren’t too many entries but all who did enter did brilliantly… in fact they all did far too brilliantly, so well in fact that I’ve finished with a five way tie at the top of the table… they even all gave similar answers to the tie-breaker question!

Quiz prize
Quiz prize

This is heartbreaking to me because it means (because of outrageous postage costs) that there can only be one winner, and that means telling four folk that they haven’t won … despite being brilliant.

Dean Wareham took a look and commented on Instagram “It’s a pretty tough quiz” - he must have bailed early because he didn’t submit his answers :) - but everyone who took the quiz was up to the challenge of the “pretty tough quiz”.

But, there CAN only be one winner and Jeff has been notified in email - it genuinely breaks my heart so if anyone else who entered wants to email me their postal address I’ll pop a tiny consolation prize in an envelope (don’t get too excited though).

Here are the answers with some commentary:

Name three of the tracks that I played during my only DJ stint?
I posted the full playlist on #041: Luna - Something in the Air and you can listen to it on Mixcloud.

I saw three gigs on Dean’s UK tour promoting his self-titled LP - where were they?
I posted about the tour when I wrote about Dean Wareham’s self-titled LP #073: Dean Wareham - Dean Wareham - I saw shows in Brighton, London and Royal Leamington Spa.

Who did Dean send a Galaxie 500 postcard to in November 1990?
Dean sent the postcard to Justin Harwood, later to Luna. The postcards had been given away with some copies of This Is Our Music #052: Galaxie 500 - This Is Our Music.

Where did I buy my 12” copy of the Pierre Etoile EP?
I bought the 12” in Vinyl Experience in Camden, I wrote about it in the very first entry in the series #001: Pierre Etoile (12”).

What single has A and B sides on the sleeve, but A and AA sides on the labels?
I ranted about the scam of the double a-side on the post about Luna’s Speedbumps - which has the error #029: Luna - Speedbumps.

An e-card announced the release date of Damon & Naomi with Ghost - what was the date?
I salvaged the e-card and posted it to YouTube, it was linked from the post about the CD release of Damon & Naomi with Ghost - the release date was 5th September 2000 #074: Damon & Naomi - With Ghost (CD).

Who is Ray Agony?
It seems that Ray Agony was a pseudonym of Sergio Huidor who made the three Galaxie 500 videos. I made this discovery while writing about This Is Our Music #059: Galaxie 500 - This Is Our Music.

What’s the URL of the promo page I put together to sell Dear Paulina?
This was a tricky one that stumped everyone, The URL was http://www.aald.demon.co.uk/grange85/index.html as linked to (in the Wayback Machine) from the post about Dear Paulina #063: Luna - Dear Paulina. The post did have a link to my old web site in the text, but hidden behind the banner image was the URL to the promo page.

Who were the three support bands when Dean & Britta played The Legion in 2007?
The three bands were “The Flowers of Hell”, “La Volume Courbe” and “The Clientele” as mentioned in the post about the DAT recording of the show #055: Dean & Britta live at The Legion.

On which entry did I post my astrological chart?
The members of Magic Hour’s astrological charts were on the special edition release of “Will They Turn You On…” so, I found an online resource to generate one for me! #043: Magic Hour - Will They Turn You On or Will They Turn on You

What’s the Wings Christmas #1 that nobody remembers?
“Girls’ School” was the other a-side on the back of “Mull of Kintyre” - I mentioned this while ranting about double a-sides on the post about Dean & Britta’s I’ll Keep It With Mine single #030: Dean & Britta - I’ll Keep It With Mine.

How many times have I mentioned Motorhead so far during the series?
Another one that stumped everyone I suspect because I decided to include Motorhead’s umlaut in one post that might have made searching tricky? Motorhead have been mentioned just three times so far - which is surprisingly low in my opinion! #041: Luna - Something in the Air, #056: Dean & Britta - Mistress America and #075: Michio Kurihara - Sunset Notes (CD).

What one track cost me $21.64?
I paid that shocking amount for one copy of Dean & Britta’s “The Carnival is Over” #036: Dean & Britta - The Carnival is Over.

What was Dean Wareham’s first solo album?
It was “Emancipated Hearts”! As I made a point of saying while having a rant about formats - grrr mini-LP or EP my eye. It’s an album! #049: Dean Wareham - Emancipated Hearts (LP)

What was I watching when I had to “rewind the tape to see Dean’s big part”?
Oo er missus! I had to rewind Mr Jealousy to catch a glimpse of Dean #022: Mr. Jealousy soundtrack (CD).

Which Luna song makes me think of Hazel?
Hazel is unaware that Tiger Lily is the Luna song that makes me think of her. I mentioned this in a post about Angel Corpus Christi’s Luna covers record #042: Angel Corpus Christi - Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna.

Who designed the object pictured on the front of Luna’s Lunapark LP?
The pencil sharpener on the front of Lunapark was designed by Raymopnd Loewy #068: Luna - Lunapark (CD).

In 2016 I ranked Luna’s seven albums - which did I rank 5th?
The answer is Rendezvous. I discussed my rankings on the post about the Romantica LP #004: Luna - Romantica (LP).

Which is correct, Turn or Turned?
This relates to a song on Dean & Britta’s Back Numbers - the correct answer is Turned the post on Back Numbers shows why #008: Dean & Britta - Back Numbers (advance CD).

What was the real reason for the removable sticker on a Cagney & Lacee single?
This was explained by @enablerno6 on Instagram who saw my post on the Cagney & Lacee single and filled in the details #023: Cagney & Lacee - Time / By The Way ….

There was also a tie-breaker question that was badly worded and so may have confused some people:

Tiebreaker: As of now … how many Galaxie 500 posts will there be (not counting various artists appearances)? The answer is, currently, 55 - but, the low guesses suggests that the “as of now” opening was a confusion, the key words were “will there be” - the current count is that the full series will have 265 posts of which 55 will be Galaxie 500 ones.