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#041: Luna - Something in the Air

Luna’s cover of Thunderclap Newman’s Something in the Air was released as part of Sonic Cathedral’s singles club in 2019, I wrote about the test pressing that Nat sent me earlier and suggested I had “plenty to write about the single” that would wait for this post… not sure whether the post will live up to that tease… but here goes.

Luna - Something in The Air
Luna - Something in The Air

Some random facts related to this single coming… as they pop into my head:

  • Something in the Air was written by Speedy Keen who was born, and lived in Hanwell, a few hundred yards from where I lived, for a long time… although not sure if he lived there while I did. I never, knowingly, bumped into him. There is no blue plaque to him - I think there ought to be. He also produced Motorhead’s first album.
  • Subscribers to the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club got extra gifts with each release - Luna’s came with a very cool NASA-like mission patch.
  • For a short period I built and ran (for free) the website for a version of Thunderclap Newman - only Andy Newman was still a part of the band, I met him at a gig they played in a bar in West London and he was lovely. The gig wasn’t great and I wrote as much on my blog… which saw me sacked from my role as Webmaster. I got a slightly ridiculous formal dismissal via a letter.
  • The flip side of the single contained The Oort Cloud/Kuiper Belt - two spacey, instrumental improvisations.
  • Another member of Thunderclap Newman was Jimmy McCulloch who was later in Wings… and died too young.
  • For the launch of the single Sonic Cathedral had a splendid, but sadly sparsely attended, evening at The Social. It included a screening of Tell Me Do You Miss Me some excellent live performances by “surprise live bands” (Daniel Land, Buffalo Postcard and Ben Phillipson) and “special guest DJs” … which was me!
  • Here’s the playlist of a mix of what I played during that DJ-ing job - I’ve not been asked again!
What the hell does this button do!?
What the hell does this button do!?
  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/076
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Something In The Air / Oort Cloud / Kuiper Belt
  • Notes: Came with a ‘mission patch’
  • Packaging: Card sleeve inside another card sleeve inside a PVC sleeve
  • Format: 7”
  • Bought as part of the Sonic Cathedral Singles Club
  • The tracks are available as part of Luna’s ‘Postscripts’ EP on Bandcamp

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