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#099: Dean & Britta - 13 Most Beautiful (2xCD)

The first audio release of Dean & Britta’s soundtracks for 13 Most Beautiful was this lovely double CD edition that came in a gatefold card sleeve with a booklet. This copy however is still sealed so I can’t show off its loveliness.

13 Most Beautiful CD - and a couple of postcards
13 Most Beautiful CD - and a couple of postcards

CD1 of this set does have each of the 13 tracks but in a completely different order to the DVD (and the single disc CD), and live is different again, although much closer to the DVD order.

Beauty # DVD pink CD silver CD Live
1 Ann Ann Billy Richard
2 Paul Paul Nico Ann
3 Edie Edie Lou Paul
4 Billy Billy Mary Edie
5 Susan Susan Edie Billy
6 Dennis Dennis Freddy Susan
7 Mary Mary Susan Dennis
8 Nico Nico Paul Mary
9 Freddy Freddy Dennis Nico
10 Richard Richard Richard Freddy
11 Ingrid Ingrid Jane Ingrid
12 Lou Lou Ingrid Lou
13 Jane Jane Ann Jane

Recent shows have added a couple of extra screen tests - here’s a video of Neon Lights accompanying Donyale Luna’s screen test, videoed last year: