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#049: Dean Wareham - Emancipated Hearts (LP)

Emancipated Hearts was released in the autumn of 2013 - it’s a six track LP that was released as a lovely orange 10” by Sonic Cathedral (and in another colour - possibly black - on Double Feature) - the album was produced by Jason Quever (Papercuts) and featured 26 minutes of music… which gets me thinking about formats.

Emancipated Hearts LP
Emancipated Hearts LP

Now, I have always had opinions on formats - it’s pretty simple

  1. A single… is 7” of vinyl, runs at 45rpm, and has 3 or 4 minutes of music on each side - normally one song/track per side…
    e.g. Galaxie 500 - Tugboat / King of Spain
  2. A 12” (or occasionally 10”) single… is 12” (or occasionally 10”) of vinyl, runs at 45rpm, and runs a bit longer, and plays a bit louder, than a 7” single… e.g. Galaxie 500 - Fourth of July / Here She Comes Now
  3. An EP… is 7” of vinyl, runs at 45rpm, and has 7 or 8 minutes of music on each side - normally two songs/tracks per side…
    e.g. The Beatles - Twist & Shout EP
  4. An LP… is 10” or 12” of vinyl, runs at 33rpm, and has 12 to 15 (10”) or 15 to 25 (12”) minutes on each side _e.g.
    • Galaxie 500 - On Fire (12”)
    • Dean Wareham - Emancipated Hearts (10”)
  • A 12” EP… doesn’t exist… it’s a 12” single see above.
  • A mini LP is an LP (see above) or a 12” (or 10”) single (see above).

everything else is an aberration!

So, when Dean says:

[M]y mini-LP or maxi-EP (since it’s 10” vinyl it is not an LP) is out at last. Dean Wareham Newsletter - 15th October 2013

… he’s wrong - it runs at 33rpm and has 25’46” of music. OK, I’ll grant that just under 26 minutes is at the short end of LP length - but it’s not far off Dylan’s Nashville Skyline (26’46”), Nick Drake’s Pink Moon (28’22”) - and out-runs The Beach Boys’ Wild Honey (23’58”) by a couple of minutes!

I should also point out that the catalogue number of this vinyl release is SCR047LP!

So, Emancipated Hearts is an LP, and was Dean’s first solo LP. I rest my case.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/025
  • Artist: Dean Wareham
  • Title: Emancipated Hearts
  • Notes: orange vinyl
  • Packaging: card sleeve
  • Format: 10” LP
  • Bought from Sonic Cathedral for £12 (plus £3.50 postage) - which is frankly a bargain for an album!
  • Buy ‘Emancipated Hearts’ on Bandcamp

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