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#042: Angel Corpus Christi - Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna

So, I’m breaking a couple of my rules here. Firstly, this is clearly not a random selection from my collections since it was only released a couple of weeks back, and secondly this doesn’t have a “direct relationship to a former member of Galaxie 500” since Dean doesn’t actually play on this release. But, my blog so my rules to break!

Angel Corpus Christi - Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna
Angel Corpus Christi - Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna

When I started this series back in January I declared that I was going to be a bit selective about what I chose to write about and I got an email from Angel Corpus Christi in response to that…

Dont give up on me, Andy. I have six songs on vinyl coming out soon-ish that fits into your scheme of things.

I abandoned being selective pretty much straight away, it was too hard to make choices so, best not to bother. To be honest, ACC was always going to be included at every opportunity so she had nothing to worry about.

… and then, a couple of weeks back, this beauty landed on my doormat (well, was handed to me by the postie - she’s getting quite used to handing me 12” square packages).

Anyone who’s followed ACC on Instagram (and you all should) will be acutely aware of her love of Dean/Luna/Galaxie 500, whether it’s the odd direct reference or photo, or a lyric in a caption. She wears her love on her (beautifully crocheted) sleeve. So, it’s not a huge surprise that she has chosen to release this little LP of Luna covers.

The whole collection is wonderful, filled as it is with Angel’s quirky delivery, and offbeat instrumentation - here’s my track-by-track reaction:

  • Bewitched
    A gorgeous spacious organ gives this a religious feel - we’re in a church - the song is slowly delivered, carefully built and, then gently dismantled.
  • Lovedust
    Angel’s voice is processed on Lovedust which gives it an off-kilter, other-worldly, feel. But it’s when her accordion kicks in after about 90 seconds that this becomes really special… from then on it’s all about that!
  • 23 Minutes in Brussels
    There’s so much to love about this, partly because there seems to be so much squeezed into the three and a half minutes. I keep listening to this and finding different things that I love most about it - the first minute is a tease of almost conventionality but then… bells and burbles, squeaks and pops, and a solo, and Angel singing with herself. Perfect.
  • I Want Everything
    This was originally released on a single back in 2001. I Want Everything is sometimes, often, my favourite Luna song and a lot of that is about this cover (and IWEG), maybe it’s the 20+ years of familiarity, but this sounds like archetypal ACC. That’s a good thing.
  • Tiger Lily
    Hazel is unaware that Tiger Lily is the Luna song that makes me think of her, she’s not really a Luna fan, so won’t remember us together watching Luna play this in NYC back 2001, but I do. I suspect she likes Angel’s version more than Luna’s - that cool, almost jazzy, almost bossa-nova, feel - and a flute! Maybe I do too?
  • Slide
    So, while I recognised (even if I couldn’t actually identify) most of the instruments listed on the sleeve, the Pianosaurus was a new one on me. What was it? Like a dinosaur piano!? Turns out, yes! And, thanks to the wonderful modern age we live in I can identify it as the instrument that opens and accompanies ACC on Slide. That and the weirdly, not quite rightness of the accordion ending, make this a perfect finish.

With things being a bit quiet on the new for AHFoW, Angel Corpus Christi’s Luna tribute is just what I needed.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/088
  • Artist: Angel Corpus Christi
  • Title: Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Card sleeve and an insert containing “a secular look at 23 Minutes in Brussels” … and some stickers!
  • Format: LP
  • Sent to me by ACC
  • Buy ‘Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna’ on Bandcamp - there are still vinyl copies left - you should buy one!

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