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#030: Dean & Britta - I'll Keep It With Mine

Lovely release on the always wonderful UK indie, Great Pop Supplement, released in 2010 it contains two tracks from Dean & Britta’s 13 Most Beautiful remixed by Scott Hardkiss.

Dean & Britta - I'll Keep It With Mine
Dean & Britta - I'll Keep It With Mine

It came in a wrap around card sleeve with an extra couple of pages stapled inside with photos from a live performance of 13 Most Beautiful.

I bought this from Piccadilly Records (online). As it was a limited edition I bought it before I posted/tweeted about it… just in case a post on A Head Full of Wishes caused a surge in sales - I do occasionally have an inflated view of the power of AHFoW!

Despite the fact that I’ve titled this post “I’ll Keep It With Mine” this is another double A side single. I’ll try not to get annoyed every time one turns up but singles (almost†) always have an A and a B side no matter how hard the record company try to convince otherwise - the AA side is invariably a B-side! After all who would think that “Girls’ School” by Wings was a Christmas number 1? No one - that’s who!

It’s as ridiculous as co-headlining tours - you go on last… you’re headlining!

This version of I’ll Keep It With Mine is the Scott Hardkiss remix that had Britta’s vocal processed and was quite a talking point on the Galaxie 500 Mailing List at the time. I wasn’t particularly keen:

I think the issue isn’t about autotune being used but more about autotune being OVERused - I’ve no idea if autotune is what’s being used on Britta’s vocal on the Scott Hardkis remixes but there is a processed - almost out of phase quality to them that I’m not keen on.

The discussion got so… lively… that Britta kindly sent me some un-remixed versions to share. These had been on the original DVD release but hadn’t made it on any of the CD versions of 13 Most Beautiful… or, onto this single.

I’d be happy to send you all the DVD version without auto-tune. I’m kinda wishing we’d put it on the CD.

I must admit that my lack of enthusiasm for the remix has faded with time and I do rather love it now!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/038
  • Artist: Dean & Britta
  • Title: I’ll Keep It With Mine / It Don’t Rain in Beverly Hills
  • Notes: #27/500
  • Packaging:
  • Format: 7” single
  • Bought from Piccadilly Records for £4.99 (plus £1 postage)

There are a very few exceptions… one is the single that was Christmas #1 the year after “Girls’ School”