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#068: Luna - Lunapark (CD)

Luna’s first album was released in the UK on Elektra, the only album of theirs that was, and because of that was not released on vinyl over here. Not that I’d have bought it so fully had I embraced CD by that point.

Luna - Lunapark CD
Luna - Lunapark CD

The sleeve has a picture of a pencil sharpener, I know that now, and it doesn’t look like anything else… now. A space age pencil sharpener for sure, but so obviously a pencil sharpener, and so obviously a pencil sticking out of it. When I discovered what it was I felt a bit stupid for all the years it had been a spaceship or a ray gun. I posted it on Facebook a couple of years ago and it was quite a relief that a good few comments revealed that I wasn’t alone in my stupidity.

Loewy vs Lunapark
Loewy vs Lunapark

I love Lunapark, sometimes more than any other Luna album. Dean ranked it sixth out of Luna’s (then) seven albums - but his judgement is affected by things that don’t affect that of a fan, and so can’t be trusted!

I like some of this record too, but I don’t feel like we were really a band yet. We’d only been a band for a few months and did this album as a trio: myself, Justin Harwood and Stanley Demeski. Grasshopper played on a few songs too. But after that we were always a quartet with two guitar players. So it’s missing Sean Eden.

I’d have bought this album on the day of release (or the weekend after).

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/044
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Lunapark
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD