Dean Wareham at Indietracks round-up

Dean Wareham live...
Photo by Christoph!

Pictures: Christoph!’s pictures on Flickr
Words: Christoph’s review (German)

Dean Wareham at Indietracks
Photo by me

Pictures: My pictures on Flickr
Words: My Indietracks write-up

Video of the storming set closer, Fourth of July

Photo by acb

Words: Festival write-up in the Derby Telegraph

Originals: Waiting on a Friend by The Rolling Stones (covered by Luna)

Waiting on a Friend was on the last half-decent Rolling Stones album “Tattoo You” released in 1981, and is fine enough until the sax comes in. Apparently the song started in the sessions for Goats Head Soup in 1973 which may explain why it’s not too shabby.

Luna’s cover of Waiting on a Friend was released on Close Cover Before Striking in 2002

No sax crime in the Luna version

The annual Indietracks comp has just been released

Indietracks release a compilation album of acts appearing at the festival every year and this year’s has just been released. For a couple of quid you can have an amazing 56 track album (!!) which not only includes Dean Wareham’s splendid Everly Brothers cover Living Too Close to the Ground, but in amongst the shedload of other brilliant music you’ll find Joann Gruesome’s also splendid cover of Galaxie 500′s Tugboat. Now how is that not amazing value.

Also it’ll make you want to go to Indietracks, and astonishingly I believe there are still tickets available.

Join me there!

Friday recycling: Fourth of July = Galaxie 500 day

Galaxie 500 gets radio play on:
Days when it snows
The Fourth of July
Today is the latter of those so here’s some Galaxie 500 to help you celebrate the Fourth of July

MP3: Galaxie 500 – Fourth of July (live at The Kennel Club in 1990)

MP3: Luna – Fourth of July (live in San Francisco in 1994)

MP3: Dean & Britta – Fourth of July (live in NYC in 2008)

Here’s the official video…

… and of course, here’s what the kids made of the video (“the lyrics was… discombobulated”)

… they liked it better than they liked Sonic Youth (“I would suggest to them… try out a different singer for once”)!

MP3: Clare’s Club – Fourth of July Still Plays in My Heart

The Empire State Building is no bigger than a nickel
A dog ignoring “poem” written on a dog biscuit

I believe some of you might celebrate with fireworks, which I guess makes you an even bigger fan than me. Have a happy and safe Galaxie 500 day.

Originals: Threw it Away by Angel Corpus Christi (covered by Dean and Britta)

Angel Corpus Christi posing with posters
Angel Corpus Christi
Photo by Howard Thompson and used without permission

Threw it Away was from Angel Corpus Christi’s lovely White Courtesy Phone LP in 1994
MP3: Angel Corpus Christi – Threw it Away

Dean & Britta’s cover was released on their debut album L’Avventura in 2003.
MP3: Dean & Britta – Threw it Away

Dean Wareham with Angel Corpus Christi and Suicide’s Alan Vega
Photo by Howard Thompson and used without permission


Here’s Angel’s fab cover of Luna’s I Want Everything
MP3: Angel Corpus Christi – I Want Everything