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Everything in Dean Wareham's online shop can be had for 20% off until the 3rd of August - lots of lovely goodies can be had at the bargain price merely by entering the word SUMMERSALE at the checkout.

Included in the sale is a colourful selection fo Galaxie 500 T-shirts, and some lovely LUNA ones too - plus CDs and vinyl by Galaxie 500, Dean Wareham and Dean & Britta.

20% off in the Dean Warheam shop (code: SUMMERSALE)

Head down there and fill your boots - the secret word again is... SUMMERSALE - remember to click the add button to get the discount.

Dean Warheam sale

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Billy Name, Warhol collaborator and archivist of The Factory has passed away

Dean & Britta - Silver Factory Theme (Billy Name) at The Warhol in 2012
It is with tremendous sadness that we would like to announce that our dear friend and iconic artist Billy Name has begun his next great adventure. We mourn the loss of this important cultural figure and are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him. We express our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
Milk gallery statement

Here's his obit from The Guardian.

RIP Billy Name, The Factory's archivist #ahfow #Warhol #billyname

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Alan Vega of legendary electroinic noise duo Suicide passed away last night.

Suicide's Alan Vega with Angel Corpus Christi and Dean Wareham (photo ht)
Suicide 197?

Here's LUNA's cover of Suicide's Dream Baby Dream for (enclosed please find) Your Invitation to Suicide

Fuxa featuring Dean Wareham - Cheree (Rev/Vega)
The earth keeps getting quieter

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Luna have announced that they will play a date in Paris on the 12th October.

Eiffel Tower On A Moon Lit Night.
Eiffel Tower and Luna

The band will play their first date in Paris since 2002 at Petit Bain.

12 October 2016 Petit Bain, Paris, France

In honour of that, and as today is Bastille Day, we'llc elebrate with some french flavoured AHFoW tracks:

Read on…

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Luna at last night's splendid show in London #ahfow #luna #lunareunion #london #thegarage   Sorry Lee, but if you must sit at the back in the dark …

Luna have announced a couple more shows in the UK when they visit in October. In addition to the shows already announced in London and Bognor Regis they will be playing in Manchester on the 5th October and Oxford on the 6th.

For the shows in Manchester and London the band will be playing their 1995 masterpiece Penthouse in Full.

5 October 2016 Academy 3, Manchester, UK
6 October 2016 O2 Academy, Oxford, UK
7 October 2016 Academy Islington, London, UK
8 October 2016 Rockaway Beach Festival, Butlins, Bognor Regis, UK

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… my company for the podcast

So despite my threats to the contrary the AHFoW podcast reaches episode 2 in which I witter on about social media and the web - it kind of gets a bit wayward at the end, so forgive me for that.

Once again this podcast was recorded by the river at Kew with accompaniment from ducks, trains, boats, and the tide. The whistle at the end is the sound of a District Line train going over Kew Bridge, and the wash lapping my feet is from a tourist boat heading towards Richmond.

I thought for this episode I'd talk about how AHFoW has tried to be the place where fans can mingle and how the success has been mixed, I talk about how social media has changed AHFoW and briefly at the end touch on how the fans relationship with bands has changed in recent year. If the podcast reaches episode three I'd like to perhaps expand on that - but we'll see.

Being social. The second AHFoW podcast

Bonus material

In the podcast I mention a Luna show at The Garage in December 1995 - you can download the whole of that show here.

I mention the band Dart, who Lauren played in. The internet is a bit shy on Dart info - there's this blog post (weird coming across your old comments on seven year old blog posts), and I've popped the splendid Sleepless here for your delectation (beware of the ridiculously long pause!):


If anyone would care to contribute (or contribute to) a podcast please get in touch - I'd be happy to hear from other fans about your experiences of being a fan - either rabbiting incoherently (like my efforts) or, if you prefer we could do an online chat we could maybe try a messneger of some sort (FB, Google, Skype or whatever your chat platform of choice is) - I'm not good at that but happy to give it a try!

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Today's episode of the long-running BBC Radio show Desert Island Discs saw Galaxie 500 being selected as one of the castaway's eight selections.

Matthew Barzun on Desert Island Discs (Photo: BBC)

Matthew Barzun is the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom and was Kirsty's guest on today's edition of the show. Amongst his selections was Galaxie 500's cover of Joy Division's Ceremony.

I played this song over and over and over again, I left half-way through university and went to South Africa […] I made a cassette of this.

On his Twitter this morning Matthew posted a picture showing the tricky decision making involved in selecting his eight discs - it was nice to see someone taking this as seriously as it deserves!

Well known (and sometimes not so well known) guests have been chosing their Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio since actor and comedian Vic Oliver picked Tchaikovsky, Jack Hylton and Bebe Daniels in 1942.

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Galaxie 500 - On Fire

Damon has written up some thoughts on Galaxie 500's masterpiece, On Fire, for today's bandcamp daily…

Along the way, there are enough surprises thrown in that I'm still taken aback—the nutty schoolyard “nah-nah-nah's” behind the backwards solo in "Another Day," the lead guitar entering on top of the second vocal verse in “Plastic Bird,” even some of my own drum fills give me a start (did I mean to play that, or did it just happen?). And through it all, Naomi's bass, sounding so grand and melancholy.

Head over to bandcamp daily to read the full article.

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