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Ahead of next month's co-headline European tour Damon & Naomi got together with Thalia Zedek to make a video.

Thalia Zedek, Damon & Naomi - Dance Me To The End of Love
On the coldest day in New England in 100 years, Damon & Naomi and Thalia Zedek cover a favorite Leonard Cohen song, "Dance Me To The End of Love."

Before heading to Europe there's a show at Feeding Tube Records in Florence MA, before heading to Spain, the UK, and France, Switzerland and Italy.

26 January 2018 Feeding Tube Records, Florence, MA, USA
6 February 2018 Fun House, Madrid, Spain
7 February 2018 TBC, Ourense, Spain
8 February 2018 Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
9 February 2018 Sala Be Good, Barcelona, Spain
10 February 2018 Teatro Arniches, Alicante, Spain
11 February 2018 16 Toneladas, Valencia, Spain
13 February 2018 Rough Trade, Bristol, UK (New Analog book event)
14 February 2018 Cafe OTO, London, UK
15 February 2018 Second Home Spitalfields, London, UK (New Analog book event)
16 February 2018 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, UK (without Thalia Zedek)
17 February 2018 The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK (without Thalia Zedek)
18 February 2018 Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK (without Thalia Zedek)
19 February 2018 Rough Trade, Nottingham, UK (New Analog book event)
20 February 2018 Rough Trade East, London, UK (New Analog book event)
21 February 2018 L'Olympic Cafe, Paris, France
22 February 2018 Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland
23 February 2018 Freakout, Bologna, Italy
24 February 2018 Spazio, Milan, Italy

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This week Luna kicked off the next US leg of their ongoing 'reunion' (when does it stop being that?) and to coincide WFUV have broadcast the session that the band recorded when they were in NYC on the last leg back in November.

The set included the first public outing of their cover of Sweetness by Yes.

Audio: Luna at WFUV

Source: WFUV

Luna stopped by Studio A to play us a song from each of the new records and a classic from their past. I also spoke with Wareham, Phillips and Eden about their music during this episode of FUV Live.
Luna at WFUV, November 2017

You can see video of them playing Hey Sister and GTX3 from the session over on VUHAUS.

Other stuff turning up include:

A good Q&A with Dean over at The Creative Independent

When you break up with someone you have to convince yourself that it’s really intolerable and really awful. That’s what you must convince yourself of in order to leave—you’re building that story in your mind—so it’s like watching myself do that. Looking back, maybe we should have just taken a break.

The session they did for 88Nine Radio Milwaulkee is also online - audio of the whole session and video of 23 Minutes in Brussels.

On 23rd January Luna will be doing a live session for KEXP - the web site says its open to the public so you should be able to sign-up for tickets somewhere if you're in the neighbourhood.

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It's all about me

Last month Jenell from It's Psychedelic Baby and myself sat down for a chat about all things A Head Full of Wishes. As much as I love to talk about AHFoW it did seem rather odd the idea of me being interesting enough to be interviewed but Jenell was a good interviewer and was happy to let me ramble on.

I finally got the nerve to talk to Dean after the show at LA2 in October 1997. He was really nice, he signed my ticket, and I must have given him my phone number because a few days later I got home from work to find a message from him on my answerphone. Obviously not being there to take the call was the best thing that could have happened, we were both spared an awkward conversation and I have kept that recording of Dean Wareham ringing me up. It’s one of my favourite bits of memorabilia!
The first time I was brave enough to talk to Naomi about Galaxie 500 was after their Terrastock London performance in 1999, and even then I left most of the talking to another fan who didn’t have the anxieties I had. But over the years things became much more relaxed

So if the thought of me wittering on at length about websites, gigs and hobnobbing with heroes then head over to It's Psychedelic Baby for the full interview - I do of course get to mention Motörhead!

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So that's A Head Full of Wishes 22nd complete year done - so let's see how that went.


In January Luna played three consecutive nights in San Francisco playing a complete album on each night…

Luna playing Penthouse in Chicago (photo: Joakim Bengtsson)
Luna playing Penthouse in Chicago (photo: Joakim Bengtsson)

The first night was for Bewitched and featured a guest appearance from Kelly Kyle on trumpet for the title track

Luna (feat. Kelly Kyle) - Bewitched, San Francisco, Jan 2017

Suddenly someone picks you up, you can fly. Luna - three nights in San Francisco (1: Bewitched)

Read on…

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Luna - Rock Your Baby label (Feral Child, 2017)
Luna - Rock Your Baby label (Feral Child, 2017)

Luna aren't playing a sahow this New Year's Eve so there'll be no chance to hear their rendition of their traditional New Year's cover of Rock Your Baby - Luckily, as ever, AHFoW can come to the rescue:

Luna - Rock Your Baby (Tell Me Do You Miss Me)
Luna - Rock Your Baby (San Diego, December 2015)

2017 was also the year that a studio version of the track appeared - coming out on a splendid 7" on Feral Child records - hunt around and you might find a copy…

Luna - California Blue / Rock Your Baby (Feral Child, 2017)
Luna - California Blue / Rock Your Baby (Feral Child, 2017)

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!

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Luna  - Time/Egg Nog

I've never had an egg nog. To me Egg Nog is primarily a Luna tune, and secondarily some strange unknown seasonal beverage. This year I decided to make an egg nog! You can catch most of my egg-nogging as an Instagram story for the next 24 hours! Or just stay here, look at a couple of photos and listen to the aforementioned Luna gem.

After some egg nog research I opted to follow the recipe Felicity Cloake posted to The Guardian - to be honest whenever I make almost anything I've never made before Felicity's How to make the perfect… series is invariably where I end up.

I made half the quantity, because there's only three of us, and one of us (me) almost never drinks! And Felicity's recipe had a lot of booze in it - a mix of rum and madeira. Also lots of cream, lots of sugar … and of course eggs.

It's dead easy to make and is a beautiful, thick, creamy concoction and one ladleful has me feeling quite light-headed. Hazel's done her best to get through some but there's still a jug of it in the fridge!

Luna - Egg Nog

Have a fantastic Christmas and a fab 2018 full of all the good things!

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Thanks as ever to everyone who voted in another A Head Full of Wishes survey (that's 22 years of them!) - once again not too many surprises. I have been in touch with the two draw winners so if you haven't heard from me … you'll have to try again next year!

Where are we and how old are we?

We're all getting older!


Galaxie 500

For fave Galaxie 500 album On Fire tops the poll even more convincingly than usual with 52% of the vote (compared with 44% in 2016). Tugboat and Fourth of July tie for top track

Buy On Fire by Galaxie 500 from: bandcamp | amazon (us) | amazon (uk)

Galaxie 500


Penthouse, of course, topped the fave Luna album poll, with Bewitched second and Lunapark moving above Rendezvous.23 Minutes in Brussels is top track but Friendly Advice is putting up a valiant fight in second place.

Buy Penthouse by Luna from: amazon (us) | amazon (uk)


Damon & Naomi

For Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits and This Car Climbed Mt. Washington have always been a long way ahead of the field and this year is no different.

Get More Sad Hits by Damon & Naomi from: bandcamp | amazon (us) | amazon (uk)

Damon & Naomi

Dean & Britta

Last year 13 Most Beautiful gave L'Avventura quite a run for fave Dean & Britta album this year, not so much. Nigth Nurse is comfortably fave track.

Buy L'Avventura by Dean & Britta from: amazon (us) | amazon (uk)

Dean & Britta

Dean Wareham

Dean's eponymous album tops the poll comfortably while The Dancer Disappears leapfrogs to the top of the fave track list.

Get Dean Wareham from: amazon us | amazon (uk)

Dean Wareham

Britta Phillips

For fave Britta track Daydream has overtaken Drive.

Buy Luck or Magic by Britta Phillips from: amazon (us) | amazon (uk)

Britta Phillips

You can see a slightly flashier version of these results or get the full results for 2016 and 2017 in Google Sheets.

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Karlavägen street in snow, Stockholm, Uppland, Sweden

When I was growing up I shared a room with my brother. Every Christmas morning he'd wake up before me and, after he'd re-organised our stockings to ensure that he got all the good stuff, he'd stand by the window, wake me up, and convince me that it had been snowing. Being the foolish, gullible little brother, and being in a half-conscious state, I’d believe him - even when I knew it wasn’t true I’d convince myself to believe him.

The dream of going to bed on a clear Christmas Eve and waking on Christmas morning to find the world covered in a fresh blanket of snow is one I’ve had every year for as long as I can remember. Sadly, being London, while I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas I’ve been invariably delivered a wet one. Maybe this time…

Here’s Damon & Naomi’s cover of Irving Berlin’s Christmas classic

And here’s Galaxie 500’s snow day specials


Listen The Snow is Falling…

Listen The Snow is Falling (live in Copenhagen)…

And here's Sean Eden's Snow Drive from Tell Me Do You Miss Me…

Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm (SNUB TV)

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Dean Wareham - Stille Nacht / Christmas Can't Be Far Away

(for Aquarium Drunkard, 2014)

Recorded December 2014 at Red Rockets Glare. Produced by Raymond Richards. With Britta Phillips, Raymond Richards and Roger Brogan.

Dean & Britta & Sonic Boom - He's Coming Home / Old Toy Trains

(Demo, 2004 / Chimney Rocks!, 2007)

Dean & Britta & Sonic Boom - Little Altar Boy (Amazon Originals, 2017)

This year Dean & Britta have teamed up with Sonic Boom for another solemn xmas tune - Little Altar Boy is available exclusively (for now) through Amazon:

Still no #SHAWC - fingers crossed for 2018! Or, maybe not…

No no no no no
No no no no no