Pre-order Damon & Naomi’s Fortune on CD and LP, buy a download or stream the album

Fortune by Damon & Naomi

Damon & Naomi’s new album Fortune is now available to buy digitally, or to pre-order on CD or LP for release on the 16th February. You can also buy the album digitally and listen to the whole thing on their bandcamp page.

Actually, while you’re at the new 20-20-20 page you could take the opportunity to fill your boots with plenty more including Galaxie 500 LPs, CDs, books and T-shirts, plus Damon & Naomi CDs and vinyl.

UNCUT review

The album has received a lovely review in UK magazine UNCUT where the album is described as being

… full of jewel-like songs, minimally arranged, for maximum emotional resonance


Damon & Naomi’s […] melodies seem to arrive through cascades of notes, shivering through complex skeins of acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and drum [and] is a perfect fit for soundtracking

The album is the soundtrack to Naomi’s short film Fortune which the duo screened with live accompaniment a few times last year. You can watch the whole film on (and below):

Fortune from Naomi Yang on Vimeo.

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Dean & Britta score Noah Baumbach’s Mistress America

Sundance Film Festival Street Photography January 24 2015-6117
Dean & Britta have provided the score for the new Noah Baumbach film Mistress America. The film has just premièred at Sundance where it appears to have been well received, as has the soundtrack:

A decade on from composing duties on “The Squid and the Whale,” the duo of Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips return here with a memorable original score steeped in ’80s-style New Wave synth pop.

Variety: Greta Gerwig shines in a tailor-made role in her and Noah Baumbach’s spirited screwball follow-up to ‘Frances Ha

Influenced by ’80s coming of age movies, “Mistress America” also boasts a sublimely gauzy and pulsing synthesizer score by ex-Luna members Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips (they provided some music for “The Squid In The Whale” and Wareham’s cameo is almost as funny as his brief turn in “While We’re Young”)

Indiewire – The Playlist: Sundance Review: Noah Baumbach’s ‘Mistress America’ Starring Lola Kirke & Greta Gerwig

… and as has Dean’s appearance in the film:

The film is also bursting with hilarious side characters such as Tracy’s lit class chums, a pregnant tax lawyer/book club member and musician Dean Wareham dressed and coiffed to look like the best “Connecticut rich guy” from central casting I’ve ever seen put to film.

The Guardian: Sundance 2015 review: Mistress America – Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig serve a screwball soufflé

There’s a couple of pics of Dean & Britta on the red carpet at the premiere:
Composers Dean Wareham (L) and Britta Phillips attend the ‘Mistress America’ Premiere

Dean & Britta mentioned on Twitter that there will be a soundtrack album:

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A Head Full of Wishes 2014 survey results

Thanks again to everyone who voted in this year’s survey – voting was down to less than half of the previous couple of years – I guess I didn’t harass people as much as usual. 62 people voted, on the plus side this does mean that you all had a better chance of being picked out of the hat in the draw – sadly it still means that only one person can get lucky and they’ve been emailed so if you haven’t heard from me your name wasn’t pulled out.

Thanks also to all the lovely things said about the web site, it gives me a warm glow. I was going to quote a couple here but it would seem a little vain – rest assured they were all very much appreciated!

Here’s a quick summary of how things went you can see the full results over here.

Galaxie 500 album

On Fire was once again the favourite album, although the other two studio LPs are tucked in close behind.

Favourite Galaxie 500 album – On Fire

Tugboat overtook Fourth of July to top the favourite track poll.


Penthouse once again topped the list of favourite Luna albums with Bewitched giving it a run.

Favourite Luna album – Penthouse

23 Minutes in Brussels was, as always, the favourite Luna song although it wasn’t as comfortable as usual at the top, with Indian Summer hot on its heels.

Damon and Naomi

Damon and Naomi’s first album More Sad Hits has always topped the poll but as years progress it becomes clear that folk are digging into the rest of Damon and Naomi’s catalogue. With Ghost was in a very healthy second place.

Favourite Damon and Naomi album – More Sad Hits

Surprisingly jumping out of mid-table to top the poll for favourite track was Laika

Dean and Britta

Dean and Britta’s first album L’Avventura once again tops the poll, with only one vote separating the other two albums in the chase.

Favourite Dean and Britta album – L’Avventura

Once again Night Nurse is the favourite Dean and Britta track scoring twice as many votes as its nearest rival.

Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham’s first year in the poll as a solo artist saw both of his albums polling well, with this year’s eponymous LP taking top spot.

Favourite Dean Wareham album – Dean Wareham

Favourite track was Holding Pattern.

In other news… we’re all getting older!

Check out the full results over here and see the results of all the previous surveys.

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Happy 20th birthday to A Head Full of Wishes #4

I think we’ll all be glad to know this is the last part of my 20th birthday celebrations!

16: Net, Blogs and Rock and Roll

In September of 2006 Galaxie 500 list member, David contacted me with an intriguing (and rather bizarre) proposal …

I’m writing a book about how people discover music online – particularly in the age of, wikis, blogs etc. […] It’s called Net, Blogs and Rock’n’Roll. One of the things I’m covering is fan-generated information and fan communities. […] I was wondering if I could steal an hour of your time at some point to chat over your 12-year experience with the Galaxie 500 website and email list.

So a short time later we met in a pub in Shepherds Bush for a chat, I wittered on not convinced that I really had anything to say but it was a nice evening and after it I headed home. In August 2007 the book was published and is a fantastic and insightful look at online and digital music (and re-reading it recently it’s still has a lot of relevance seven years on in a fast moving world. Chapter 3 is called “Fans as creators” and has a fascinating assessment of the value of fans in the online.

[Fan communities] develop a shared way of working together, what leading theorist Etienne Wenger calls a “shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems.” In the case of the Galaxie 500 community, this would include when (and how) to use the server, experiences of previous “flame wars” on the email list and how they were resolved, the ethical codes of what is and is not legitimate digital copying, together with shared memories of meet-ups at gigs and which albums have topped the fans’ polls over the years.

David wrote up our pub chat for his website.
You can possibly still get copies of the book on Amazon or eBay.

17: Dear Paulina

I’ll throw “Dear Paulina” in here but I’ve sort of milked that to death over the years – so go here to see the story (and hear the single).
Dear Paulina

18: Luna’s Last Waltz

When Luna announced their last shows in NYC I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be there – there were plenty of reasons, none of them were that good, the best was the miles and the cost. The fact that they were coming to London on the farewell tour was the clincher. Members of the mailing list decided differently and a collection was started and a lot of lovely folk contributed and plans were afoot to go.

On 26th December 2004 there was a undersea earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, the ensuing tsunami killed hundreds of thousands, left millions homeless and put many at risk… and what the west had that these people needed was money… and what I couldn’t contemplate was spending money on myself when this was happening. After consulting the donors I took their money, added a chunk of my own, and decided that the last London date would be the last time I’d see Luna.

I love that these friends cared enough to try and get me over – and it does worry me that my not going was rude – but given the scale of the disaster I felt it was the least I could do.

I lived Luna’s final shows through the internet, and through my friends who were there. Of course I should have been there.
Unofficial last Luna photo
Luna’s Last Waltz

19: Decomposing…

At some point someone on the mailing list suggested we do a tribute album and so I took it upon myself to organise that – but, as previously mentioned, I couldn’t really organise a piss-up in a brewery, so almost two years later – a half-arsed CDR with a laser-printed paper sleeve finally made its way into the big-wide-world. It deserved better… much better.
You can listen to (and download) the whole album over here. Here’s one of the gems… Watoo Watoo’s lovely bossa cover of Luna’s Chinatown

20: Baby my head’s full of wishes

So… A Head Full of Wishes moves into its third decade with a new Damon & Naomi LP in February, a Luna reunion in April, and hopefully, more opportunities to meet fans at gigs and festivals, in pubs and coffee shops, online and offline. It’s been a treat – and while meeting the band members over the years has been a thrill meeting other fans has been brilliant – sometimes awkward – but always brilliant.

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Happy 20th birthday to A Head Full of Wishes #3

Some more nonsense oozing from my head… it’s getting to the stage where I wish I hadn’t decided to pick 20, partly because they might be getting a bit boring … or worse… self-indulgent.

11: The Galaxie 500 box set

From the earliest days of the web site and the list there were rumours about a Galaxie 500 reissue as the albums had been out of print since Rough Trade’s collapse. Around ’95 there was a lot of talk about Sub Pop putting them out but eventually Rykodisc released them. Andrea Troolin, who managed the box set release had got in touch with me, it was probably the first time that I realised that the web site was recognised as more than just being something that kept me and a few fans out of trouble. Andrea sent me a few emails, most long since lost in the Yahoo->Gmail move, I remember one was discussing the tracklisting of a promo CD for the box-set. She also sent me the first freebies that AHFoW had managed to provide – a copy of the previously discussed promo, and a ride the fiery breeze poster signed by all three members.
Selected by Galaxie 500

12: A very angry email

Another sadly lost email was the one I received from an angry man called “Dallas”, he was a very, very angry man. What made Dallas angry was that anyone could have the cheek to name their band after such a classic car. This was apparently a disgrace and I, should be utterly ashamed of having a website that celebrated this atrocity. I wrote back suggesting that most names were not particularly inspired with originality, his own for instance. I never heard any more.
Galaxie 500

13: An end to my 7″ free existence

At some point in the early 2000s I found myself periodically actually talking to band members… at some point in talking to Damon & Naomi I had let slip that my Galaxie 500 collection, while full of LPs and 12″ (and CDs) was missing all those lovely rarities that came out on 7″. Some time later, completely unannounced, a package arrived at from the US containing all those missing singles and this lovely note…
I think that I’m very lucky that the band I fell in love with are all such lovely people (and most of the people I’ve encountered because of them have also turned out to be lovely).

14: A trip to NYC

In 2001 I convinced Hazel that we should spend a few days in NYC, the fact that it happened to be a weekend where Luna where playing two nights at The Knitting Factory might not have been a coincidence. We stayed with long-time (and oldest) list member Bob, who I’d first met in Boston a few years before, and again in London where we went on a road trip to see Damon & Naomi in Brighton. Another good friend that the Internet and Galaxie 500 had made for me.

We had a great weekend, two Luna gigs, lots of walking around, eating, and then being stuck on the snow-covered tarmac of JFK airport for a few hours. There’s another story from that trip that I’ve trotted out before.
Luna at The Knitting Factory in NYC, February 2001

15: A get together

Over the years I had half-heartedly tried to organise get-togethers at gigs, it would often end up as just me and one or two other folk – mostly because I’m not actually that good at organising anything (there’ll probably be more on that in part 4). For Luna’s last London show it peaked at four or maybe even five of us. This year we had a rather lovely get-together in a cafe before Dean’s gig at the Islington Assembly Hall. It was lovely meeting folk in a nice relaxed atmosphere – and it was the beginning of one of the more memorable AHFoW evenings of the last 20 years. I did manage to not take a picture of us all. I regret that! But thanks to everyone who turned up. It was a pleasure.

Actually, thanks to everyone I’ve met over the 20 years… you all know who you are.
Crowd and Dean Wareham

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