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Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol films in Pittsburgh 2014 (Photo: stupid blue)

Dean Wareham has written about the Exposed: Songs for unseen Warhol films project for online magazine The Line of Best Fit. The show, featuring Dean, Eleanor Friedberger, Tom Verlaine and Matin Rev comes to Europe next week with dates in Nantes,

For me this show is a like strange dream come true; I was given the title Guest Musical Curator and asked to come up with a list of performers. I first asked my musical heroes Tom Verlaine and Martin Rev (who made two of the most important albums of the late 20th century, Marquee Moon and Suicide respectively). I had met Eleanor Friedberger and Bradford Cox a few years ago at Primavera Sound (Eleanor on the bus going to the festival, Bradford on a bus leaving), and those were my next calls. Everyone said yes, just as I had. It feels like no one says no to working with Andy Warhol. If you score film, you count yourself lucky when you get to work with a great filmmaker, even if he’s not present to give direction.

Bradford Cox will now not be appearing due to a family bereavement

16 May 2016 The Barbican, London, UK
18 May 2016 Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
21 May 2016 Cité de la musique, Philharmonie 2, Paris, France
Trailer for Unseen Warhol

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Back From a Changing World by Richard Youngs

While Damon & Naomi were in Berlin recently on their short European jaunt, Naomi took the opportunity of making this lovely video for tour-mate Richard Youngs:

The video is for the track Back From a Changing World which is from last year's Inside The Future album.

Richard Youngs “Back From A World Changing" from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

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Luna's seven studio albums
Luna's seven studio albums

With Captured Tracks box set of the first five Luna albums imminent, Dean Wareham was asked by Noisey Music to rank all seven of Luna's studio albums and explain his decision.

Head over to Noisey checkout the full interview, but there's no surprises about the top spot:

[with] Luna, when we made our first album, we weren't there yet and our third album is our best.[…]

[Mario Salvati] got Tom Verlaine to come in and play some really great guitar solos. He did one on "23 Minutes in Brussels," which is one of the best Luna songs. Verlaine also played a 12-string on "Moon Palace" as well.

Here's Dean's full list

7: The Days of Our Nights

I never listen to it. But you know what? I'm sure there are some people out there who really like it.

6: Lunapark ["What!?" - Andy]

I like some of this record too, but I don't feel like we were really a band yet.

5: Romantica

There was so much going on in my life at that point, it's kind of hard for me to think about this record objectively.

4: Pup Tent

Out of the ten songs, maybe there are a couple I don't like. In a way this is perhaps the best sounding Luna record.

3: Bewitched

We rehearsed and we jammed together, so there are things like "Friendly Advice," which is one of my favorite Luna tracks and featured Sterling Morrison.

2: Rendezvous

I didn't like it that much at the time. I was just tired of Luna. But when I listen to it now, I think it's really catchy.

1: Penthouse

But I feel like Luna, when we made our first album, we weren't there yet and our third album is our best.

… and as it's my website…

So @deanwareham ranked Luna's albums and so did I (before I saw Dean's list). To be honest the first and last are right and the rest are a great big tie for second

Feel free to add your own list to the comments or say why you agree or disagree with Dean's order.

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Terry Tolkin introducing Luna in Austin (Photo: Joakim)

Terry Tolkin is the A&R man who signed Luna to Elektra and anyone who's encountered him on Facebook knows that he has a hatful of amazing stories about the music industry that would make an amazing book.

UPDATE:Terry has now updated his Kickstarter with an affordable option for those of us who aren't as rich as the rock stars! It now has a $25 starting pledge ... and this is a book that's needing to be written...

I've added a couple of “Rewards" for the more Pavlovian sector of my potential backers.

I don't have the artwork yet but I've conjured up a jubilant Back Stage All EXCESS Pass/Bookmarker for donations on the $25 level. Immagonna print up a 100 of these. Then I'll come up with something else for that level of commitment.

I've got ONE First Edition copy of Michael Galinsky's “Malls Of America" photo book! It's signed by Michael and will include a one-off reproduction 8×10 print of Dean Wareham which will be signed by both Dean and Michael. Check out the latest edition of glamour magazine, “Dangerous Minds" for a gluttonous reprint/review of Michel's book. Look, I know we all poor and that you can currently purchase this book for $350 online. But c'mon, help a ni**a out! ;))

There's also an unlimited supply of $5000 Rewards.

Claim this Grand Puba if you DON'T want me to mention you in the book, K?

Well Terry has just launched a Kickstarter with that very object in mind:

i am going to write my autobiography. Its about an average music fan who fell upwards into becoming a major player in the music industry as an A&R man. Read the Wikipedia link that Ive already provided. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll from the person who coined the term Alternative Music

Currently you can either pledge $100 (or more) for a personally inscribed book, or just throw a few dollars to make it happen.

With the funds raised here i will purchase a laptop, some recording equipment and a used car. I will travel the country to gather personal recollections from those whom I've interacted with and the impact it had on their lives and/or careers and peppered it with my own recollections as well. It's gonna be an interesting ride!

Head over to the Kickstarter page where you can pledge a bit of cash to help this happen.

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The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records has just released a new Galaxie 500 tribute album at the bargain price of whatever you want to pay.

Blue Thunder, A Tribute to Galaxie 500

Blue Thunder, A Tribute to Galaxie 500 features sixteen tracks by the likes of Thrushes, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Lost Tapes and Desario, amongst many others.

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Just throwing together a post collecting a few bits and pieces I've found of Luna's current trip to Texas - with added Britta Phillips solo! As I write this they're still a day from finishing theor Texan sojourn so probably best to check back in a few days time as I'm sure there'll be things added!

Luna in Dallas

Bill Ellison has put a stack of gorgeous photos from the bands show in Dallas on Wednesday:

Luna 5-4-16 (w/Britta Phillips)

There's also a few nice crowd shots - I love seeing Luna fans as well as the band… and always nice to spot a familiar face (such as occasional ahfow correspondent Joakim!)

… and here's some Luna and some fans posted on Instagram …

After party. 🎸 #lunareunion #luna

A photo posted by KK🎺 (@miceicles) on

Dan Kueck Periscoped a few videos from the Luna show in Dallas - and has now popped them on YouTube.

Luna in Austin

On to Austin and here's a nice video of the opening of Britta's support set:

Britta Phillips at The Mohawk in Austin

… and here's Luna playing Speedbumps:

Luna - Speedbumps at The Mohawk in Austin

… and Sean singing Still at Home:

Luna - Still at Home at The Mohawk in Austin

YouTube user Xavier Yanez has a few more nice clips from the show in Austin.

Given the transience of Periscope I'm not sure how long this link will work, but Mike broadcast the whole of Britta's in-store performance at Waterloo Records in Austin - watch it here, while you can.

… here's my view of that show while sitting in London!

Sitting in Hanwell, London watching @britta_phillips live in Austin, Texas - I love living in the future!!

A photo posted by Andy Aldridge (@grange85) on

… and here's another one of Bill Ellison's great pics - this one of Dean playing with Britta:


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Luna's reunion gets back on track this week with three dates in Texas, all of which will feature a slot from Britta Phillips suppoorting her recently released, and rather fabulous, new album Luck or Magic.

Luna 28 Jan 2005 Austin TX
Luna in Austin on their farewell tour in 2005 (Photo: Brian Birzer)

First up they head to the Granada Theater in Dallas on Wednesday evening (tickets), before heading off to the Mohawk in Austin (tickets) where they play on "the outdoor stage" on Thursday.

Finally on Saturday the band play Numbers in Houston (tickets).

4 May 2016 Granada Theater, Dallas, TX, USA
5 May 2016 Mohawk, Austin, TX, USA
7 May 2016 Numbers, Houston, TX, USA

Then after a couple of weeks off the band have a few dates over the Memorial Day weekend:

27 May 2016 The Bell House, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA
28 May 2016 MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA, USA
29 May 2016 Columbus Theatre, Providence, RI, USA

The band have also announced two extra shows at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn, including one where they'll play Penthouse in full.

1 October 2016 Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2 October 2016 Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY, USA

See all upcoming Luna dates here.

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The debut album by Luna's Britta Phillips is now available to stream in full on WSJ. The album is released on the 29th April and can be pre-ordered from Pledgemusic as well as all the usual online and offline suspects.

Stream Luck of Magic on WSJ

Britta Phillips

The launch party for the album will be taking place on April 30th at Old Style Guitar Shop, 510 A N. Hoover St, Los Angeles at 8pm and will feature a full band and "very special friends" - Dean Wareham and Lee Wall of Luna, and Marte Solbakken. Free entry.

Britta will also be supporting Luna on their dates in Texas in May (and London in October). You can see all her upcoming shows on her Bandsintown page.

Pre-order Luck of Magic …

Britta Phillips - One Fine Summer Morning

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Damon & Naomi in Berlin Monday I headed home after work, grabbed a bite to eat and my son and we headed to Cafe OTO for Damon & Naomi’s London show of their short European tour - they’d played Stewart Lee’s ATP festival in Wales the day before and were heading off for a date in Spain and one in Berlin.

I was running a bit late but Chris messaged me at eight to tell me that the doors hadn’t yet opened - which seemed a bit odd but was fine because it meant I wasn’t going to miss the support act, Richard Youngs who once again was being joined by Damon on drums and voice.

We arrived not long after the doors had opened and shuffled in next to Chris who’d got a prime spot and nabbed us a couple of seats. It was heading to 8:45 before Richard and Damon took to the stage. We were told at this point that earlier in the day Damon had had a tumble down some stairs but, like a trooper, was going to take his place on the drum stool.

Richard Youngs with Damon Krukowski

The show went well, they were playing through Richard’s recent album Inside the Future and Damon’s contributions didn’t seem to be too hampered by his fall, although he did seem a little stiffer than usual - but it didn’t seem to have any negative effect on a good set.

With the album over Damon headed off stage and left Richard to play his way up the guitar neck with a number of one chord songs of varying lengths.

Towards the end of the set there was some shuffling noises over my left shoulder and Richard played the last song staring, with undisguised concern, into that corner of the room.

Set over, and after a short wait Naomi and Richard appeared on stage to explain that during Richard’s solo set Damon’s condition had taken a more concerning turn and that an ambulance had been called and Damon & Naomi wouldn’t be playing. Refunds were offered (although I suspect mostly not taken) and shortly after the room was filled with the blue flashing lights signifying the arrival of the ambulance.

Damon in the care of the NHS (Photo: nabbed from D&N's Facebook page)

Damon was rushed off to A&E at Homerton hospital where the NHS did their awesome stuff with tests and drugs. Adam, Chris and I hopped on the Overground for a slightly earlier night than anticipated.

I woke to an email from Naomi sent at 3am reporting that Damon was ok and had been given the nod to head to Spain for their show in Madrid.

On Tuesday morning Adam, Hazel and I headed to Berlin for a short break that coincided with Damon & Naomi visiting the city later on the week (not unintentionally of course).

Damon & Naomi played their Tuesday night show in Madrid, although Damon didn’t take up his part in the support band.

My first visit to Berlin was short and filled with lots of walking, lots of bread and (veggie) sausages. During the week I checked in with Damon & Naomi that the Berlin show was going ahead, and that I could cadge spots for the three of us on the guest list.

Friday evening we took the twenty minute walk from our appartment to the venue, stopping on the way to get sneered at by a sausage vendor for trying to buy the veggie currywurst he proudly advertised, but didn’t sell!

We arrived at the Grüner Salon and headed in, found some comfy seats and bought some drinks. Damon headed over to say hello and fill us in on their adventures in London (and give us a peek at the quite horrendous bruise on his back!).

Naomi also popped over and made some fanboy spill lemonade down himself - she was sweet enough not to notice but the event gave my family hours of entertainment mocking me!

Damon was retaking his position in the support act for this show and took to the stage with Richard Youngs to once again play through Inside the Future. However the venue had somehow failed to supply a drum kit so one had been fashioned from things found around the venue.

Damon playing his makeshift kit with Richard Youngs

Damon sat himself behind a wooden chair, a plastic bucket, and a chrome-effect pedal bin; he also made use of various items of crockery and cutlery. The kit was played seriously and beautifully, without any hint that it wasn’t a perfectly respectable instrument - this made the set beautifully unique and thoroughly enjoyable.

After Inside the Future Richard finished his set a capella with quizzing accompaniment from his son and vocal drone accompaniment from the audience.

Damon & Naomi took to the stage played a short prologue set of oldies, opening with Judah and the Maccabees, and including Turn Of The Century, Lilac Land, How Do I Say Goodbye, Helsinki - and sprinkled with Damon filling in the audience with the grizzly details of their London adventure.


Then they played through Fortune - it was my third screening of Fortune and the film is still beautiful (and baffling) and the songs are gorgeous - the album stands beautifully on its own and The North Light is right up there with my favourite Damon & Naomi songs.

We were then treated to an epilogue of covers - firstly a blissful Listen The Snow is Falling and closing out the set with a divine cover of Sandy Denny’s No More Sad Refrains.


We said our goodbyes and slipped quietly into the Berlin night.

Damon & Naomi - No More Sad Refrains (Sandy Denny cover)

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