Luna and Flowers at Sticky Mike’s in Brighton

Luna in Brighton

Wednesday evening sitting in a holiday cottage in Derbyshire with one full day of our holiday left.

“What shall we do tomorrow?” asks Hazel.

“Well” I reply hesitantly, “we could go home and then I could go and see Luna in Brighton?”

My long-suffering partner rolled her eyes. “How long have you been waiting to suggest that?”

“I’ve only just thought about it now” I lied.

So, we packed up and on Thursday morning we drove down to London, I dropped of Hazel (she gets to see Luna in Leeds on Saturday) then picked up a pal and we headed down to Brighton for Luna’s first UK show since an amazing night at ULU in January 2005.

We arrived in Brighton after a long, long drive mostly spent crawling around the M25. Grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in time to catch most of the always spellbinding Flowers beautiful set.

Sticky Mike’s is a dingy basement club with a low ceiling and black painted walls – it’s what all venues were like in the 80s – oddly shaped and with a low stage which, while making viewing a little tricky it made for a particularly intense atmosphere.

Luna arrived on stage and once the missing setlists were located and positioned at the base of mic stands and drum kit, they played a nicely mixed up set. Every track a gem – the band were relaxed and clearly enjoying playing together.

Bewitched was beautiful, there’s something very special about being in a room full of Luna fans because my online life tends to keep them at a distance. But to hear folk around me singing along to Bewitched almost brought me to tears.

The set was nicely mixed up and finished with a storming Friendly Advice followed by 23 Minutes in Brussels. An encore of a couple of covers, Blue Thunder and then Indian Summer, was a perfect ending.

The once (minor) disappointment of their show in Porto in April was that they never played Indian Summer. I know it’s a cover but it is also, oddly, most definitely a Luna song. They played it at the first Luna show I saw in 1992, and the last one in 2005 – and, very possibly, at every one in between. When that eBow hum started last night I new that Luna were back.

Show finished – a bit of loitering, then to a bar, and then back to London and in bed by 3am!

The pictures are a little ropey – I’m sure others will have better ones. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and Flickr.

You can now follow Luna on Twitter (as well as Instagram and Facebook).

London tonight – if you’re nearby and haven’t made up your mind this is one you’d be silly to miss!

Flowers, now with four times as many bass strings #flowers

Luna in Brighton

Dean and Britta to release soundtrack album for Mistress America

Mistress Ameirica: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips’ soundtrack for the upcoming Noah Baumbach film Mistress America will be released by Milan Records in August when the film gets it’s general release.

Dean and Britta previously scored Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale, and Dean has been involved in most of his films in some form or other.

Audio: lost tracks: Fuzzy Wuzzy (demo) by Luna 

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I dug out my copy of Luna’s cover of Everybody’s Talkin’ that was out out on Sub Pop’s singles club back in the day. It’s a gem, of course, but you knew that.
What you mightn’t have known is that the demo version Of Fuzzy Wuzzy that was on the flip is also rather special. A six minute meandering drawl of a version, that still seems to end too soon.

MP3: Luna – Fuzzy Wuzzy (demo)

This was recorded from my vinyl using my very rudimentary set-up so you have the joy of listening to it the way I do!