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On the 29th August 1987 Galaxie 500 played their first ever show in a flat in New York City. Everything's Swirling is a limited edition fanzine to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event.


The 32 page booklet is limited to 100 copies and includes articles, photographs, art and memorabilia by fans from all over the world. It will come with a numbered, hand printed, and hand-stamped sleeve, and will include a badge (button) and a high quality photograph of the band in either London in 1989 or Frankfurt in 1990 (most 15cm x 10cm but a few random issues will have larger 21cm x 14cm photos)

Ordering information

Orders will be limited to one copy per person, prices are in UK£ so that I can keep track of sales, and will cost (including postage):

  • UK: £5
  • EU: £7 (currently €7.67)
  • Rest of the world (incl US): £8 (currently US$10.31 or AUS$13)

Google should be able to tell you how much that will be in your local currency.

Fanzine - pick your postage

Sorry it's a wee bit pricier than I'd have liked but postage and not making too much of a loss were mitigating factors!

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Luna will be playing an intimate show at their rehearsal studios in Los Angeles on the eve of their tour of Spain. Tickets for the event are only available through the Pledgemusic campaign for their upcoming releases.

Saturday September 30 we will rehearse all day at Swing House, and at 8pm open the doors to play an intimate Luna gig, followed by a Q & A and a meet-and-greet with the band.

Tickets for the show are $85 and include a Pledgemusic access pass which gives you full quality downloads of their new album A Sentimental Education and A Place of Greater Safety the accompanying instrumentals EP. You will also get a Luna tote bag.

Class head over to Luna's Pledgemusic page to get your tickets to see Luna live at The Swing House in Los Angeles!

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Luna - A Sentimental Education (Photo: Luz Gallardo)
Luna - A Sentimental Education (Photo: Luz Gallardo)

If you haven't been watching closely (or haven't "pledged") you might have missed things happening on Luna's Pledgemusic. If you've not pledged this is what you can get in addition to an album for as little as a tenner!

A non album track to download! Luna covered a Monochrome Set obscurity. Inside Your Heart is…

a very early song by London's Monochrome Set — possibly when they were called the B-Sides and featured one Stuart Goddard (Adam Ant) on bass guitar.

There is also some video of Luna in the studio recording the song.

… and a goat!

A lovely shaky video of Justing joining Luna on stage in Wellington, plus some soundcheck footage in Auckland. And a goat. On a roof. Obviously.

Video of Dean listening to the album and EP test pressings

Another Luna "Stoner Jam" to download

Okay, so there are only a handful of these and they're pretty loose and sloppy but, hey… that's what a stoner jam is all about… exploratory noodling… and this one has a nice little germ of an idea in the middle and gives you an idea of how stuff happens.

… and posters, cymbals, and socks!

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Damon has taken the themes that he explored in his book The New Analog and has developed them into a new six-part podcast series that launches today as part of the new Radiotopia series Showcase.

In the first episode Damon ponders the differences between digital and analog time and how "machines have a different sense of time".

You can find out more about the series and listen to (or subscribe to) the first episode over at the Showcase web site.

The first episode was also previewed as part of the excellent 99% Invisible podcast earlier in the week.

Ways of Hearing
Ways of Hearing

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Naomi's latest work in her other career as a film-maker is a lovely video for Lee Ranaldo.

Lee Ranaldo - New Thing (dir: Naomi Yang)
I've described ‘New Thing’ as ‘my song about the Internet’ — about our thousands of ‘friends’ and the obsession with accumulating ‘likes.’ When Naomi and I began discussing ideas for the video we knew we wanted to reference that subject matter but didn't want to do so in any heavy-handed way. I told her I'd like to be a character of some sort rather than ‘guy singing with guitar’ and she found ‘Buster,’ as we dubbed the JVC 3100R ‘Television/Radio Pyramid Capsule Unit’ on eBay. You wouldn't believe what a cool old useless piece of outdated technology like that sells for these days!
Lee Ranaldo - New Thing
Lee Ranaldo - New Thing

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Damon & Naomi's first release after Galaxie 500 split up was the lovely Pierre Etoile which is now available from their Bandcamp page for whatever you want to pay.

Pierre Etoile
Pierre Etoile

The beautiful three track EP was recorded before Galaxie 500 split up and includes a brilliant earl version of This Car Climbed Mt. Washington and In The Sun with Damon on vocals, a new version appeared on Playback Singers a few years later with Naomi singing. The third track is the brilliant, yet otherwise unreleased, Nineteen Sixty-Nine

The EP was released on Rough Trade around the time that Galaxie 500's split was announced so the press was accompanied by those heartbreaking stories.

This is where the plot really thickens…Returning from a European tour last December, tentative plans were made to record an EP to sound out ideas for the next album, and do it in a different studio with a different producer […] Dean had other ideas.

Damon: “He came back after Christmas and said he didn't want to do an EP […] But we had ideas for this EP and still wanted to try a new studio, so Dean was like, ‘just do it on your own’.”

Keith Cameron – NME, 1991

So what is the future? It's not Pierre Etoile, even I know that much. Pierre Etoile wasn't even originally intended as a solo (duo?) project. back when Naomi and Damon started working together on some new songs in January. Rather, the three songs being released on Rough Trade next week were intended as the basis of a new Galaxie RP, but Dean was on extended break in New Zealand and when he came back he didn't want to work on them.

Hence, Pierre Etoile can't help sounding similar to Galaxie 500 &endash; e whispered intonations, the same inherent sadness and hopelessness in the gentle, almost pastoral guitars and drums


“We were very conscious of not doing something that smacked of a solo project, because we always valued the idea of the band as a collective,” Naomi explains. “We never felt comfortable with the idea of Pierre Etoile.”

Everett True – Melody Maker, August 3 1991

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Luna at Gold Diggers (Photo: Joshua Mills)
Luna at Gold Diggers (Photo: Joshua Mills)

I came to Luna in a rather circuitous way. And it wasn't via Galaxie 500.

In 1992, shortly after graduating college in Boston (and yes, I somehow missed Galaxie 500 during their salad days during my time in Beantown) I read in a fanzine about a new band that featured the drummer of one of my favorite bands, The Feelies, Stanley Demeski. I figured if he was in this new band (also touted as an indie rock super group), they must be pretty good. To my utter delight, Lunapark became one of those years' biggest musical surprises for me. I've been with them ever since.

Through name changes (Luna² anyone?), record labels (Elektra to Arena Rock Records autographed vinyl to Pledge Music campaigns) decades (the '90s, Y2K, and 2017), line-up changes and even musical milestones (College Rock, MP3s and streaming), Luna has been my constant companion. I've been there when they broke up the band and after their rebirth in 2014. I even once interviewed Dean Wareham poolside at The Hollywood Roosevelt in the mid '90's for a zine called Fizz. You could say I was slightly obsessed with this band.

Read on…

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Luna have added three more dates to their Spanish tour in the autumn. Dates have been added in Ferrol, Zaragoza and Gijon - in addition the date in Mallorca is now on the 15th October not the 14th as originally announced.

The current schedule is:

3 October 2017 Sala de Camara del Kursaal, San Sebastian, Spain
5 October 2017 Escenario, Santander, Spain
6 October 2017 Teatro Jofre, Ferrol, Spain
9 October 2017 Sala Joy Eslava, Madrid, Spain
10 October 2017 Las Armas, Zaragoza, Spain
11 October 2017 Bikini, Barcelona, Spain
12 October 2017 Ram Club, Valencia, Spain
13 October 2017 Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain
14 October 2017 Teatro La Laboral, Gijon, Spain
15 October 2017 Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza, Mallorca, Spain
Luna in Spain, October 2017
Luna in Spain, October 2017

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Luna will be playing a private show, hosting an LP listening party and filming the video for their cover of The Cure's Fire in Cairo in Los Angeles on July 11th - and you could be there!

Tickets for the show are only available on the band's Pledgemusic site and as of right now there are 62 tickets left.

Sounds like a must if you're in the area!

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Luna at The Royale in Boston, 2016 (photo: Joakim)
Luna at The Royale in Boston, 2016 (photo: Joakim)

More dates are trickling in for Luna's US jaunt in November - all the dates I know of so far are here - but keep an eye on the upcoming shows page (or subscribe to the feed) as there may be more!

1 November 2017 The Cedar, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2 November 2017 Park West, Chicago, IL, USA
3 November 2017 Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI, USA
4 November 2017 Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO, USA
5 November 2017 Exit / In, Nashville, TN, USA
7 November 2017 The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI USA
8 November 2017 The Great Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
9 November 2017 The Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA
10 November 2017 Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY, USA
11 November 2017 Terminal West, Atlanta, GA, USA
12 November 2017 The Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC, USA
14 November 2017 The Black Cat, Washington DC, USA
15 November 2017 Carnegie Lecture Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
16 November 2017 Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA, USA
18 November 2017 Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY, USA