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Dean Wareham - Stille Nacht / Christmas Can't Be Far Away

(for Aquarium Drunkard, 2014)

Recorded December 2014 at Red Rockets Glare. Produced by Raymond Richards. With Britta Phillips, Raymond Richards and Roger Brogan.

Dean & Britta & Sonic Boom - He's Coming Home / Old Toy Trains

(Demo, 2004 / Chimney Rocks!, 2007)

Dean & Britta & Sonic Boom - Little Altar Boy (Amazon Originals, 2017)

This year Dean & Britta have teamed up with Sonic Boom for another solemn xmas tune - Little Altar Boy is available exclusively (for now) through Amazon:

Still no #SHAWC - fingers crossed for 2018! Or, maybe not…

No no no no no
No no no no no

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Damon & Naomi are slowly pulling together a tour of Europe for February of next year, so far dates have been confirmed in Italy and London (and hinted at for Spain). All shows announced so far will be with Thala Zedek or Richard Youngs.

14 February 2018 Cafe OTO, London, UK
16 February 2018 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, UK
17 February 2018 The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK
18 February 2018 Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK
23 February 2018 Freakout, Bologna, Italy
24 February 2018 Spazio, Milan, Italy

I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear of any more.

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Luna at Brooklyn Steel 11/18/17

Luna finished their Autumn US tour with a show at Brooklyn Steel and the great news for those of us who couldn't make it (and even those who did), the excellent NYC Taper was there to record the show, and the recording is now available to download and stream.

The final night of Luna’s most recent tour reached Brooklyn Steel two Saturdays ago. This was the largest venue the band had played in NYC maybe ever, and a healthy crowd showed up in support. The band began the night with opening track from Greater Safety and proceeded to treat the fans to a nice selection of classic material mixed with the new versions of memorable tracks from Sentimental.

Head over to NYC Taper where you can download it as FLAC, MP3 or listen to it streamed.

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Distant Figure

Over the years Damon & Naomi have slipped a few beautiful covers into their live shows. In 2005 the beautiful cover they were playing was the gorgeous Vashti Bunyan song Winter is Blue.

Written in the mid-60s and first seeing the light in the film (and on the soundtrack LP) Tonite Lets All Make Love in London, before pretty much vanishing for the rest of the 20th century … as did Vashti.

Here’s Vashti’s original

Vashti Bunyan - Winter is Blue

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It's that time of year when you get to vote for your fave albums and songs by all the artists that AHFoW represents - you can either vote below or head over to my Google form to do your voting there. If neither of those appeal you can also vote by sending me an email.

Dean Wareham in San Sebastian last night. I have tons more snaps but will probably stop now … until tomorrow #luna
Time to put your thinking head on!

There'll be a couple of entries drawn from the e-hat that'll get a little bit of something - one from the US and one from somewhere else in the world.

Vote by email

If the form is a problem feel free to send in your vote in an email answering as many or as few of the following questions as takes your fancy:

  • Country
  • Age (feel free to ignore or be as vague as you like!)
  • Fave Galaxie 500 album
  • 3 fave Galaxie 500 songs
  • Fave Luna album
  • 3 fave Luna songs
  • Fave Damon & Naomi album
  • 3 fave Damon & Naomi songs
  • Fave Dean & Britta album
  • 3 fave Dean & Britta songs songs
  • Fave Dean album
  • 3 fave Dean songs
  • 3 fave Britta songs

Also let me know if you your name to be in the hat for a prize.

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AHFoW T-shirt
A Head Full of Wishes T-shirt

Now available to order is this lovely organic cotton A Head Full of Wishes T-shirt featuring the "earring" design used on the long sold out Everything's Swirling fanzine.

I have printed 50 shirts in "unisex" size from S M to XXL XL (but the extremes are limited so best be quick if you want one of those) - orders will be first come ~ first served.

All shirts will also come with a badge (in one of two random designs) and a fancy recylced cotton card (in one of three random designs).

Read on…

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Fizz magazine

Back in July Josh was kind enough to send me his lovely review of Luna's Golddiggers video shoot show. At the same time he sent me this interview with the band he carried out for Fizz magazine in 1996.

This interview originally appeared in Fizz, 1996. Reprinted by permission of Cathy Rundell

Led by the founding member of Gaxalie 500 Dean Wareham and rounded out by ex Chills bassist Justin Harwood, ex Feelies drummer Stanley Demeski and guitarist Sean Eden, Luna are not what you'd call a flashy band. Unlike many flash-in-the-pan rock bands Luna are thankfully more substance than style. (Are you listening Spacehog?) Luna play intricate but seamless music that is both challenging yet somehow blissfully peaceful. After 3 full length releases and 2 EPs (their newest entitled the Luna EP, is on the label No. 6 Records, run by the bands A&R man from Elektra) is every bit as good as any of their supurb releases.

Having toured Europe with the reformed Velvet Underground as well as the Cocteau Twins and have had the likes of Tom Verlaine, Sterling Morrison and Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) play on their records, it's clear to see that not only are Luna gaining fans, they are gaining respect from their peers. With so many inovative artists lauding this yeoman-like band, it was time to sit down with the most even keel man in this business we call show (Wareham) and get the scoop on why it's better to lose than to win in corporate litigation, why good musicians are not necessarily the the best musicians and why it's best not to say anything on stage in between songs.

Fizz: You were born in New Zealand?

Dean Wareham: I was born in New Zealand, but I am an American. I just became a citizen. I could have done it ten years ago I just didn't get around to it. I moved here in 1977, so I have been here a long time.

Fizz: So your parents moved…

Wareham: …when I was 14…

Fizz: …to Manhattan?

Wareham: Yeah

Fizz: So you were in the middle of the whole 'new wave'/'no wave' music scene, right?

Wareham: Yeah, that's the period I started getting excited about music. Like Talking Heads, Television, Suicide… and The Clash, Elvis Costello, all that stuff. That's when I got into music.

Fizz: Did you feel like an outsider being so young and in the middle of this huge city in that whole scene?

Wareham: No, it was all right. I fit in pretty quickly. It wasn't that strange.

Fizz: So do you have any ties to New Zealand? Any family?

Wareham: I have grandparents and cousins but I don't go back very often. I listen to some of the music but I am not 'mad' over the New Zealand scene. I liked The Chills, The Clean, The 3-D's… I like New Zealand bands more than Australian bands, I think.

Fizz: How did you get together with all these players, from all these other bands?

Wareham: Justin I met in England, when I was in Galaxie 500 and he was in The Chills, we had the same European manager for a while. We borrowed their van and their equipment for a tour and then fired the manager at the end of the tour. (Laughs) A couple of years later I was putting together another band and he had quit The Chills and I called him up and he came over to New York. Stanley… I was just a big Feelies fan… they were another band that got me into music. They were a fantastic band. So, I called him up when they had just broke up.

Fizz: But you knew them socially?

Wareham: No… I didn't know them socially. I just gave them a call. With Stanley, we just wanted someone to make the record (their debut 'Lunapark') and he ended up staying which was good. Since that first record we really turned into a band. That first record, it wasn't a band, we were just evolving.

Fizz: What was the whole story about Luna2 or Luna(squared… ie pie r2)(Luna was originally called Luna2)

Wareham: There was this woman called Luna who started sending threatening letters to our lawyer, so we put a little 2 next to it. But that wasn't enough. Eventually we had to pay her off.

Fizz: Is she a performer?

Wareham: She's a chanteuse. She doesn't have any records out or anything. If we had gone to court we would have won because we had records out. But it would have cost more to win than to lose.

Fizz: When you started… did it (the band) work immediately?

Wareham: Did it work immediately? It felt good as soon as I started working with Justin. We were using another drummer and as soon as we got Stanley, all of a sudden… (he trails off). We were also working with Grasshopper from Mercury Rev, who was the other guitar player at the time, which is sort of unknown. The moment we got Stanley to play, we all started playing better. If you get a really good drummer… they make everyone around them play better. Well, actually ANY really good musician will do that.

Fizz: I was always a big Feelies fan and he was a major part of that.

Wareham: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Fizz: Have you heard of Wake Ooloo (featuring ex Feelies Glenn Mercer and Dave Weckerman)?

Wareham: Yeah… I've seen them live.

Fizz: I just got the new album and it didn't get the greatest reviews but I liked it.

Wareham: It's not bad, I think I like the first one more. But they are good live. Actually, Dave Weckerman was the very first drummer in the Feelies. They've had a lot of drummers. At one point they had 3 drummers… they had Dave, Anton Fier and Stanley. Just for a short time.

Fizz: The one thing that got me was that the few times I saw them (the Feelies) open for Lou Reed, they would stop and tune their instruments after every song and it just killed any momentum they had built up.

Wareham: We try not to do that.

Fizz: I notice you don't say much after each song.

Wareham: Yeah, what are you gonna say? Unless I'm drunk and in the mood to chatter… but usually we are not (drunk). Especially not in the big cities, you get a bit more nervous.

Fizz: For a while everyone called you guys an alternative super group. Do you shy away from that or is it something you don't even think about?

Wareham: Well it's sort of meaningless. It's sort of a press angle that they (Elektra? the press?) dreamed up. It's silly, just because some people are from such-n-such a band, that just because you get a bunch of good musicians who were in other bands doesn't mean that they will do anything interesting. So that's why I think we are a better band now that we have developed our own, I think, very distinctive and recognizable sound. A band must be more than the sum of it's parts. Often what will make a band more interesting is the weakest musician, you know. People are too good.

Fizz: I noticed that in your song writing there is this fascination with Americana or 'the west' or traveling…

Wareham: Traveling, yeah, I guess that's a little trap you fall into. You have to watch that. It's being on the road too much. Ahrg, too many road songs! But I guess there is a few mentions of places. But you don't want to start writing about truck stops or anything. It's kind of like writers who get jobs at universities teaching literature and then 5 years later everything they write is either academia or them having affairs with students… it's one of those traps.

Fizz: So you've played with Tom Verlaine and Sterling Morrison… what is that like?

Wareham: Both of those things were a real thrill. They are both such stylist, such great players that after 10 seconds of hearing them, they are instantly recognizable. Sterling did an amazing job. He was a very smart guy too. (Morrison died in early '96) Not just another bonehead guitar player. Very witty, very well read. Tom… was very cool too. He doesn't use any effects. He just plugs his Strat(ocaster) into the amp, he's a bit of an amp nut, but again he's got a tone that you just know instantly, "That's Tom Verlaine".

Fizz: Is he difficult?

Wareham: He wasn't with us. He knows exactly what he's doing in the studio. He'll be going over something and he'll say, "Wait, back me up 15 seconds and drop me in after this note". He's sort of a late night person. He's like "I have an idea for that song. Just gimme 10 minutes" and them an hour later…

Fizz: Do you write a song and think "Tom Verlaine would be good to play on this" or do you build it around them? or…

Wareham: No, no, no… well for the song "23 Minutes in Brussels" and "Moon Palace" (off their most recent release 'Penthouse') I had done a solo. He (Verlaine) had been hanging around the studio and our Engineer Mario Salvanti, who works with him, brought him in. It was his idea. Or maybe it was Justin's. In fact we were a little wary of it with Tom. I was like "Oh, another guitar legend on the record" but once he played it, it was like "This has to go on"! It was so good.

Fizz: Is it daunting to play with guys like them?

Wareham: Well, I wish I could play that well.

Luna, 1995
Luna, 1995

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A bunch of AHFoW related shows have turned up for Download on bittorrent site Dimeadozen. You need to be registered to download from the site

Damon & Naomi poster
Damon & Naomi poster

12 October 2017 - Damon & Naomi - The Root Cellar, Greenfield, MA, USA

Damon & Naomi's recent show - the torrent also includes the sets of support acts MV & EE and Dredd Foole

Download the Damon & Naomi show from Dimeadozen

15 July 2017 - Dean Wareham - The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA

Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 in San Francisco

Download the Dean Wareham show from Dimeadozen

8 June 2017 - Dean & Britta - Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA, USA

A rare Dean & Britta show in Mill Valley back in June

Download the Dean & Britta show from Dimeadozen

… and in case you missed it there's still this lovely recording of Luna's first London show from 1992 sitting on the tracker waiting for you to download!

Luna clipping
Luna clipping

27 February 1992 - Luna - Underworld, London, UK

A rare Dean & Britta show in Mill Valley back in June

Download the Luna show from Dimeadozen

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Luna - Friends (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
Luna - Friends (dir: Matthew Buzzell)

Luna's cover of The Velvet Underground's Friends (well, Doug Yule's Friends) from Luna's album of covers, A Sentimental Education, has a lovely new video directed by Matthew Buzzell (of Psychobabble and Tell Me Do You Miss Me fame)

Director Matthew Buzzell re-magines indie rock luminaries Luna as a high school band in "Friends," the second single from Luna's recently released album, "A Sentimental Education," from Double Feature Records.

LUNA "Friends" from Matthew Buzzell on Vimeo.

Luna - Friends (dir: Matthew Buzzell)
Luna - Friends (dir: Matthew Buzzell)