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On Friday and Saturday Luna played the first dates of the US leg of their reunion tour. The first shows were in Atlanta and Friday night's show started with them playing their classic 1995 album Penthouse from start to finish (including the hidden bonus track). Here's a quick round-up on what you can see and read about the first dates.


2 October 2015 - Luna - Terminal West, Atlanta, GA, USA

Setlist, photos, videos and links on AHFoW

John McNicholas has posted an album of gorgeous photos on Flickr (including the gem at the top of the page).

Music Disolves Water has posted a review and a bunch of pictures, and a rumination on the "bros" in the audience

"Luna's back, man!" one bro shouted repeatedly to no one in particular while waiting for an open stall in the men's room before the encore. No one gave a high five to his upheld hand because we were in the men's room and, you know, germs.

Blurt Online has a review and a stack of splendid pictures too...

Great vibe from the stage, bouncing right back from the audience to the band, beginning with the first note of the show all the way to the last.

A cool video of Tracy I Love You with a nice Sean bias

3 October 2015 - Luna - Terminal West, Atlanta, GA, USA

Setlist, photos, videos and links on AHFoW

Dan has posted some fantastic videos taken from in front of Sean - every one a treat - here's one but check Dan's YouTube profile for the rest!

A solicitation

If anyone fancies writing up their LUNA US tour experiences for this website please get in touch - I can offer you nothing but thanks in return - but it’s always nice to have other voices on this blog! Please get in touch if you’re interested!

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Dean and Sean on Sideways Through Sound

Sweet video of Dean and Sean playing a radio session for Sideways Through Sound in Sydney, Australia last month. They perform three songs on acoustic guitars: Bewitched, Tracy I Love You and Moon Palace - and nice to see Sean rocking the Flowers T-shirt!

MP3: You can download the whole show here with an interview as well as the three songs.

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Acetate record containing Ezra Pound reading Sestina

The Carpenter Center for Visual Arts in Cambridge MA is hosting an exhibition by Damon Krukowski called NOT TO BE PLAYED that is described as:

a multifaceted exhibition featuring archival materials, performance, and a publication that together revive an obscure audio recording made by Ezra Pound at Harvard University in 1939. Recorded on the eve of World War II, Pound believed his poem "Sestina: Altaforte"—or "Bloody Sestina," as it came to be known—could incite violence. He was convinced it possessed a persuasive power over the future: several years after making the recording, Pound wrote a letter stating it was "not to be played."

The exhibition opens with a reception on Thursday 8 October at 6pm and runs until 25th October.

NOT TO BE PLAYED at Level 3, Sert Gallery, The Carpenter Center for Visual Arts.

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If you're not down-under where Luna are currently touring, you're probably kicking your heels waiting (or crossing your fingers hoping) for Luna to come by (or come back) on their reunion tour. Here's a treat to fill the waiting and/or hoping...

Youtube user 3.Cameras.and.a.Microphone has recently been uploading some video masters to YouTube, as well as the previously available show from the show from 92 at the Whisky a Go Go in LA (which is now available in much better quality than previous uploads - in five parts 1 2 3 4 5) there are two shows from consecutive nights from 1994.

First up from the Casbah in San Diego on 12th July 1994

… and the next night at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano

OK - another one has just turned up, this one from Luna's first US tour in 1992, and this is a treat (of sorts)…

In Long Beach, California we played a horrid little club called Bogart's on a triple bill with Screaming Trees and Celibate Rifles[...]

When we finally tool the stage, a long-haired guy with a mustache stood directly in front of me.

"Kick out the jams!" he yelled, before we had played a note.

And again after our first, "Come on, motherfuckers! Kick out the jams!"

He was annoyed. Luna didn't rock hard enough for him. He kept his chatter up all set long. After the last song I told him to go fuck himself, and he challenged me to a fight right then and there. Luckily for him, Stanley pulled me away.

You can see this all play out, and Justin, not Stanley, pulling Dean away at the end.

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Happy birthday to Naomi Yang designer, photographer, bassist, singer, keyboardist, and more recently film-maker.

Here’s a beautiful video of Damon & Naomi performing The Great Wall in a Japanese garden with Kurihara a few years back:

As well as her silent film Fortune Naomi has also made a bunch of lovely promo videos for other folk - here are a few of them:

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - The White Balloon

Future Bible Heroes - Living, Loving, Partygoing

Houndmouth - Sedona

Also check out this lovely (but unembeddable) video of Damon & Naomi playing The North Light in London earlier in the year

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NYCTaper has just put a terrific recording of Luna's splendid show in Leeds up for download.

The show was one of the highs of a week of great shows the band played in the UK during the summer.

You can download the whole show from NYCTaper in either MP3 or FLAC and you can also stream a couple of tracks if you feel that you need to try before you download!

You can read Joakim’s wonderful account of the show.
You can also read my half-arsed review here.

The London show will be uploaded sometime this week so watch this space (or watch that space)

NYCTaper has now also uploaded the wonderful London show from the night before. The show at the Garage was a lot more rock, and a lot louder than the Leeds show - differently brilliant.

You can download the show from NYCTaper.

Read Joakim's lovely wordy review of the London show, and my shorter and more rudimentary take on it.


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Today is Damon's birthday - he'll be spending it in Seoul, South Korea ahead of Damon & Naomi's show there tomorrow evening.

Here’s a lovely video of Damon & Naomi playing Turn of the Century in front of an enormous screen in Seattle a few months back.

Damon is currently working on a book about music and technology and it’s worth following him on Twitter (@dada_drummer) and Tumblr for his ruminations and insights into the subject.

You can also catch up on his work beyond Damon & Naomi on his new website

It’s a book that uses the facts—and not terribly obtuse ones—of music technology, things anyone who has been in a band or been in a studio knows, but others may not. I’m using these things to think through changes in our communication patterns with one another both musical and non-musical ways—essentially, using audio, because it’s what I know best, to think about our social relations and how that has been affected by the shift from analog to digital. It’s not an anti-digital book, and it’s not a pro-digital book. It’s just a look at what some of these changes we’ve experienced might mean.

Have a great day Damon!

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Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo have just released the rather lovely Stuff Like That There, a follow up to their splendid 1990 album Fakebook. Dean Wareham has interviewed Ira Kaplan about the album, the industry, Jonathan Richman, The Grateful Dead, and other miscellany for Salon.

Dean: The Cure song. “Friday I’m Love.” Britta and I did that a few years ago on the tribute album

Ira: You know, we made a decision — I’m not sure who else in the group knew about that, but I knew, and thought, “We’re doing it anyway.” I say that because there’s a time in my life when that would have been a reason not to. It’s already been done, I would have ruled it out. In a way, it relates to doing “Fakebook” again; we’re trying not to be confined by any way we feel like we have to work. We may choose to work that way 99 times out of 100, but still be open to doing it differently

I certainly had no problem with it [laugh]. Back in the ’60s, you had about ten people doing the same song in a month — everyone was doing it. I like your version, I really found it a bitch to sing that song. Robert Smith, he sings high and loud — sometimes I guess I sing that way too — but I struggled with it. But anyway, Georgia nailed it.

There’s so much I love about the way she sings — even when it’s not effortless, she makes it sounds effortless.

I’m not going to ask you what it’s like being a couple in a band, because I’ve been on both sides of that.

Just look in the mirror.

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It's been twenty years since we lost Velvet Underground guitarist and tugboat captain Sterling Morrison.

Time to dig out some VU, or Luna's Bewitched, and raise a glass...

Stanley Demeski and Dean Wareham with Sterling Morrison and Moe Tucker in 1993 (photo: Stanley Demeski)

We had met Sterling on the Velvet Underground European tour in 1993 [...]

Getting the call to open for the Velvet Underground was weird. I thought I might have been dreaming. But weeks later I found myself in a dressing room at the Edinburgh Playhouse, listening to Lou Reed, John Cale, Moe Tucker and Sterling Morrison run through Venus in Furs.

Dean Wareham - Black Postcards

We had already recorded a demo of “Friendly Advice” with producer Victor Van Vugt, which we played every night on that tour, and Sterling Morrison told us that was his favorite track. We asked if he’d like to play guitar on our next album, and we were all surprised when he said yes. So far as we knew, Sterling hadn’t played on anyone’s record since about 1971. He was a lovely and unassuming guy, and when he passed away just two years later, I put on my headphones and listened to his transcendent guitar solo in "Friendly Advice," and I cried.

Dean Wareham - Best of Luna sleeve notes

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Dean Wareham in a promo still from Mistress America

A quick round up of some Mistress America bits and pieces out there on the web:

The New York Times reviews gives the film a glowing review and picks out Dean & Britta’s score:

A gleaming electropop score by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips gives you a sense of teetering on a merry-go-round

Dean and Britta had a lovely long radio interview with Ioan Dyer about scoring for films and how they got involved with working on Noah Baumbach’s on Mistress America.

You can hear the full interview (without the music) over on Soundcloud:

The soundtrack album is now available as a CD or a digital download in all the usual places including iTunes, Amazon. It’s also available to stream on Spotify (and possibly the other streamimg services). You can also hear a few of the tracks on Soundcloud.

There’s a nice interview over at Noisy:

People often ask me, ‘Do you like scoring film?’ The truth is, not always. But its good to work and it’s a lot more fun if it’s a good film and if the director is good. I think it’s the same for actors. Even actors who have their pick over every single film they do, how many really good films do they get to make? Not a lot, I think.

To tell you the truth, Britta is a lot more patient with learning new software than I am. So when we score together, there are things that she writes and things that I write, but all the detailed work — all the hard work [laughs] — she does. Like stretching things for time or hurrying them up, editing, getting into the nitty-gritty.