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Britta Phillips - Luck or Magic

The new album by Britta Phillips will be released on the 29th of April and is available to order on Pledge Music

The album, Luck or Magic, was begun back in 2012 with producer Scott Hardkiss but was held up after he passed away but was finished last year with producer Eric Broucek and features Dean Wareham on six of the tracks.

As well as vinyl and CDs Britta's Pledge Music store is offering the chance to buy other Dean & Britta rarities, such as the recent Great Pop Supplement single, as well as posters, or a handwritten lyric sheet.

Stereogum is streaming the first single from the album, a gorgeous cover of Edie Sands' (gorgeous) One Fine Summer Morning.

Full tracklisting

  • Daydream
  • Do It Last
  • One Fine Summer Morning (Evie Sands)
  • The Million Dollar Doll
  • Drive (The Cars)
  • Fallin’ In Love (Dennis Wilson)
  • Luck Or Magic
  • Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Agnetha Fältskog)
  • Ingrid Superstar

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Magic Hour

Magic Hour's three albums and a new compilation have just been released on bandcamp and you can buy all four albums for less than $25.

In 1993 Damon & Naomi were invited by Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar of Crystalized Movements to be part of their new project Magic Hour, over the course of the next four years the band released three tremendous albums of psychedelic rock/folk music before going their separate ways after playing at the first Terrastock Festival in 1997.

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I've just come across this clip of the first 7 minutes of Luna's New Year's Eve show last week at the Starline Social Club in San Francisco

They open with Egg Nog, and follow it with California (All the Way)

Luna - New Year's Eve 2015

If any one has any more clips, photos... or even a full setlist, please get in touch.

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It's been quite an eventful year for AHFoW, so here's a quick thrown together summary...

New Damon and Naomi LP has arrived
New Damon and Naomi LP has arrived

On February 17th Damon & Naomi released the beautiful soundtrack to Naomi's short film "Fortune" - the album was the same number of tracks and exactly the same length as Nick Drake's masterpiece Pink Moon...

When the CD was mastered I asked the mastering engineer to add and subtract some tiny spaces in the blanks to make sure that it's eleven tracks and exactly, to the tenth of a second, the length of Pink Moon.

... pressing delays meant that my vinyl copy never arrived until March!

Also in February the members of Luna got together in Los Angeles for a social event - it was also announced that the first reunion show would happen at The Echo in Los Angeles on the 13th April - tickets sold out almost instantly. It seems folk were ready for the reunion...

Aquarian Birthday Soiree
Lee, Dean, Britta and Sean in LA (Photo: Randy Perry)

In March Dean dropped a hint that Luna's first five albums will be getting released in a vinyl box set... we're still waiting.

In April Damon & Naomi arrived in the UK for some dates to promote Fortune. London's show was a lunchtime affair at Rough Trade East... here's me looking goofy and flying the flag... with Naomi

Photo: ruth

There's a lovely video on Vimeo of The North Light.

On the 13th April, Luna played their first show in over 10 years in Los Angeles…

Luna / Winter (13-Apr-2015) at the Echo

… and then headed off to Spain and Portugal.

In June official word on the Luna vinyl box set arrived from Captured Tracks

In July and August the next leg of Luna's reunion kicked off with dates in the UK, all beautifully documented for AHFoW by Joakim.

Noah Baumbach's new film Mistress America was out on general release with a guest role for Dean as grumpy neighbour Harold, and an electronic soundtrack by Dean & Britta. The soundtrack was released on CD and then vinyl later in the year.

Dean Wareham in Mistress America

September found Luna in Australia and then in New Zealand where they were joined on stage and on the beach by former bassist Justin Harwood.

Luna on the beach (Photo: Britta)

Damon & Naomi visited South Korea and Japan.

How Do I Say Goodbye - Damon & Naomi in South Korea

In October Damon curated an exhibition NOT TO BE PLAYED, and was also found up a ladder reading John Cage.

Theater Piece No. 1 Revisited (Photo: Naomi Yang)

Luna's reunion tour arrived in the US, where for a couple of shows they played Penthouse from start to finish, and in Brooklyn they were joined on stage by former drummer Stan Demeski.

23 Minutes in Brussels - Luna with Stan Demeski

December found Damon & Naomi heading back out east for shows in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Damon & Naomi in Hong Kong (Photo: White Noise Records

Meanwhile Naomi's videos for Waxahatchee and Meg Baird found their way onto the internet.

Luna wrapped up the year with a New Year's Eve show in San Francisco ... Rock Your Baby got it's traditional airing.

Happy Luna New Year!

A photo posted by L Brown (@misslalarissa) on

... and so on to 2016, which will finally see the release of teh Captured Tracks vinyl box set, more Luna dates in the US (and hopefully back to Europe - that's a hint for them and not stated with any knowledge). No word yet on Damon & Naomi's plans but I'm sure they'll be keeping busy.

Thanks for joining me on an eventful 2015 - hopefully 2016 will be as good!

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Thanks to everyone who voted in the A Head Full of Wishes survey. Here's a summary of the results.

It was a good turnout with the number of voters reaching three figures and while the usual suspects topped most of the charts it's always nice to see how things change further down. We had voters from a wide range of countries including Lebanon (actually there's almost always a vote from there!), Mexico and South Africa.

Full summary available here (Google Sheets).

Galaxie 500

Favourite album

Favourite Galaxie 500 was On Fire which received over half of all votes.

Favourite track

Favourite Galaxie 500 track Votes %
Tugboat 42 16.7
Fourth of July 25 9.9
Blue Thunder 22 8.7
Strange 19 7.5
Ceremony 18 7.1


Favourite album

Favourite Luna album was Penthouse, with Bewitched giving it a run for its money.

Favourite track

Favourite Luna track Votes %
23 Minutes in Brussels 26 9.4
Friendly Advice 16 5.8
Chinatown 13 4.7
California (All the Way) 11 4
Sideshow by the Seashore 11 4
Tiger Lily 11 4

Damon & Naomi

Favourite album

Damon & Naomi's debut album More Sad Hits once again comfortably topped the chart.

Favourite track

Favourite Damon & Naomi track Votes %
Beautiful Close Double 8 9.9
This Car Climbed Mt. Washington 7 8.6
Judah and the Macabees 6 7.4
Turn of the Century 5 6.2
Information Age 4 4.9
Laika 4 4.9
The Earth is Blue 4 4.9

Dean & Britta

Favourite album

L'Avventura was the most popular Dean & Britta album. Nice to see this year's Mistress America putting in an appearance.

Favourite track

Favourite Dean & Britta track Votes %
Night Nurse 31 15.3
Words You Used to Say 24 11.8
I'll Keep it With Mine 18 8.9
Threw it Away 12 5.9
Knives from Bavaria 11 5.4

Dean Wareham

Favourite album

Dean Wareham's eponymous album was the best loved of his solo releases.

Favourite track

Favourite Dean Wareham track Votes %
Holding Pattern 26 14
Emancipated Hearts 22 12
Love is Colder Than Death 19 10
Babes in the Wood 17 9
Happy & Free 17 9

Draw winners Chris, Jeff and Todd have been notified and their gifts are on their way.

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Meg Baird

Naomi Yang has directed and photographed the official video for the track "Don't Weight Down the Light" by Meg Baird.

The song is the title track of the former Espers singer's third solo album released last summer on Drag City.

Naomi previously made the video for The Finder from Meg's second album.

In other Damon & Naomi news the duo have a track co-written with Tanya Donelly - the track, Storm Blown Bird, will be available as one of the bonus tracks on the CD release of Tanya's Swan Song series coming out next year on American Laundromat Records.

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The Complete Matrix Tapes - The Velvet Underground

Dean Wareham has a piece on Salon today writing about the recently released Velvet Underground live box set "The Complete Matrix Tapes" and some reminiscences on his introduction to the band.

Read the full article on Salon.

"Live '69" was my favorite record for quiet Friday afternoons with my girlfriend (OK, we also listened to Gloria Gaynor and the Bee Gees and "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel). My girlfriend was two years older than me, had hung out at Studio 54, and had actually met Lou Reed at Max's Kansas City. This confused me, because in my ignorance I didn't understand why she would have been in Kansas at all.
There is a lot of music here. Highlights include a rousing and never-before-heard version of "Sweet Jane" at its original slow tempo, with Reed a singing couple of alternate verses that he later abandoned; the seldom-played "Venus in Furs"; three beautiful takes of "Some Kinda Love" and three of "Over You," one of them markedly slower. As a band you are always searching for the perfect tempo but this illustrates that there is more than one way to play the song well.

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Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Dean Wareham performing Unseen Warhol in 2014 (Photo: stupid blue on Flickr)

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Andy Warhol Films which premiered in October 2014 will be touring Europe in May 2016.

The show was produced by The Andy Warhol Museum and curated by Dean Wareham and, as well as Dean, features Tom Verlaine (Television), Martin Rev (Suicide), Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) and Bradford Cox (Deerhunter).

Dates confirmed so far are:

16 May 2016 The Barbican, London, UK
18 May 2016 Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
21 May 2016 Cité de la musique, Philharmonie 2, Paris, France

There's a longer trailer here but embedding's been disabled... they obviously don't want people trying to sell tickets for them <sigh>

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Long Players 92-99

The long awaited vinyl box-set containing Luna's first five LPs plus a bonus LP of rarities, is now available to pre-order.

Brooklyn label Captured Tracks have announced that because of "overwhelming demand" they are opening up pre-orders for the box set now ahead of its release in February or March.

Pre-order the box set from Captured Tracks

The LPs will be pressed in 150g white vinyl and is limited to 2000 copies worldwide - the full track listing for the box can be found here. The five studio albums will be released on black vinyl spearately later.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to open up EARLY pre-orders for the Luna Long Players Box Set. Typically, we wait until we have more concrete arrival dates for a collection such as this, but some of you seem to be a bit worried that you won't have an opportunity to own this, which we understand.

With that being said, this Box Set's target date to arrive is Feb/March. It will ship as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. This is an early pre-order and, if you have reservations, we ask you to hold off. We will be updating all pre-order customers bi-weekly (or every two weeks) on progress. People who pre-order will be sent messages with photos and more. International customers, this Box Set is HEAVY. We recommend finding an international courier service for reduced shipping rates.