Happy birthday to Damon Krukowski, Galaxie 500's drummer and Damon and Naomi's Damon.

In 2016 he has shown his true rock and roll credentials by falling down hotel stairs and playing (half) a gig mere hours later, followed by an ambulance trip, a few hours in A&E and then being back on-stage in another country a day later!

Here he is on-stage in London with Richard Youngs, after the fall but before the ambulance trip…

Richard Youngs with Damon Krukowski

… and here on stage in Berlin a couple of days later playing a makeshift drum kit for Richard …


… and then performing Fortune …


Here's a lovely clip of Damon & Naomi playing The Turn of the Century in Taiwan last year:

Damon & Naomi - The Turn of the Century

Happy birthday Damon - have a great year and a little less cliché rock and roll!

Damon in hospital
Damon in hospital