Feb 042014

Dean Wareham (sleeve by Sharon Lock)

Dean Wareham will release his first solo album in March and you are now able to pre-order it. It will be released by Sonic Cathedral in the UK and Europe and on Double Feature on the US. The LP is limited and comes in translucent yellow vinyl. It will also be available on CD and as a download from the usual suspects.

Pre-order Dean Wareham from Double Feature

Pre-order Dean Wareham LP from Sonic Cathedral

Pre-order Dean Wareham CD from Sonic Cathedral

For the Sonic Cathedral release …

The LP comes with a free Bandcamp download in the format of your choice. If you buy the album from selected stores such as Rough Trade, initial copies come with a second CD featuring six live tracks (including songs by Galaxie 500 and Luna) recorded at Dean’s London shows at St Pancras Old Church last December.

For Double Feature …

If you pre-order HERE you will get the album on the release date, and you will also instantly receive a free 4-song live EP, recorded to multi-tracks last year at St Pancras Old Church in London and mixed by Britta here in our Hollywood studio. The band was myself, Britta, Anthony and Jason Quever (Papercuts) and these are really nice versions of 1. Emancipated Hearts 2. Tugboat 3. Lost In Space 4. Love is Colder Than Death. 

CD cover (design by Sharon Lock)

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  2. Does anyone know if the LP from Double Feature is also coloured vinyl?

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  4. The 4 live tracks came floating in this morning and I immediately floated away …

  5. Ordered mine!

    • Mine too, I have a habit of ordering the limited edition for myself before posting to AHFoW – because laughably, in my dreams, I pretend that my blog might have enough influence to sell all of those records before I have a chance to order one for me!

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