A Head Full of Wishes was born out of the frustration of having free web space and having nothing to fill it with – these were the days before digital cameras enabled me to fill up the Internet with endless pictures of my family.

In 1994, with the Internet a mere toddler I pinched a bunch of Galaxie 500, Luna and Damon & Naomi lyrics and sleeve scans, threw together a rough discography and launched the website.

I’d like to say it was the first Galaxie 500 website but Paul Stephenson can lay claim to that honour. But I can probably claim the first Luna and Damon & Naomi websites so I can still feel fairly chuffed with myself. The site chugged along happily through a few designs and domain changes, gave birth to the still lively Galaxie 500 Mailing List and got a name check on the Galaxie 500 DVD (major claim to fame). It now includes Dean & Britta and will cover whatever the rest of the ex-members of Luna decide to get up to.

I still can’t believe that I’ve been tinkering with the website for longer than I’ve been married and longer than I’ve been a father – I’m not bored yet which probably shows just how tragically sad I am.

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  1. Saw Damon & Naomi at the Old Market in Hove last night. Setlist (from what I remember).

    Blue Moon
    Ueno Station
    New York City
    New Song 1
    New Song 2
    I’m Yours
    End of The Century
    Eye of the Storm
    Blue Thunder
    Second Life

    I’m sure there were more, but my poor old addled brain isn’t quite what it used to be. New songs were pretty good.

    They were on top form, I’m sure the nice quiet respectful crowd helped.

    1. Thanks for that – really looking forward to seeing them in London tonight… I was really tempted to come down for Brighton for the show but I’m old and no longer own a car and while they’re not good excuses to bail out of rock and roll, they’re the best excuses I have!

  2. Hello,
    Perhaps you remember me. We did some trading a few years back. Anyway,just wanted to let you know,the show you have listed at Mpls,Mn on 3/23/96 was sent to me as having been played at the Orpheum Theater.
    Also someone on the Dime site has posted a Luna gig from Opera House,Toronto,Canada March 2 1993.
    In case you’d like to check that out.
    Take Care
    Rich B.

  3. Dean Wareham was on CBC radio 1’s show, Q, discussing his new memoir. you can download it as a podcast here if anyone is interested:

    it’s the May 12/08 podcast and i think they’ll keep it on the site for a month.

  4. Just wanted to say I saw Galaxie 500 at the 9:30 club in Wash. DC, the On Fire tour (89-90?). Rocked my world. Big fan ever since.

  5. Hi Andy,

    As promised, I’m still trawling the ocean of Luna/Galaxie 500 material this site holds. What a place to have stumbled into!

    Is there any guide for the internet-challenged that explains how to download (to CD) the shows posted by kiek on dimeadozen? I managed to register, but I have tried for what feels like 4000 days and 23 seconds without any success so far.

    If there are people here who’ve already done it, I’d be more than happy to exchange things – is that acceptable? (If not, please delete this message.) I don’t have any Luna live shows but I’m sure I could find something to swap, no matter how obscure your tastes.


  6. Hi –
    Great website, I’ll be here for years. Just read “Black Postcards” and went looking for Luna on the web.
    One small thing – there’s a line in “Astronaut” which should read STALIN mustache, not stylin’ mustache as you have printed. Hope you don’t mind the occasional pedant …
    Best regards, Rob

  7. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for that – Stalin makes so much more sense…and a quick browse around the site proves that pedantry is a faculty I admire!


  8. Just saw Dean at the Brookline MA Booksmith doing a reading from “Black Postcards”. He was congenial, humorous, and wonderful. The book reveals a very personal view of a rock band on the grand tour(s) and the humorous and serious world of making music.
    Thanks Dean

  9. Hello

    I am a huge luna fan and play the guitar, trying to work out the songs! You used to have a lot of tabs for a lot of Dean’s songs but I can’t seem to find them anymore.

    Are they on your new website? If not will they be put back on, or if not could you tell me where I can get hold of them please.

    Thank you very much


  10. Hi,

    Just thought I’d add that I saw Galaxie 500 at the Venue in Edinburgh in both ’89 and ’90, but only the earlier show seems listed here. Judging by the other Scottish dates and my faded signed t-shirt, the second show would be the 2nd November 1990. I spoke with Damon & Naomi outside afterwards, and they claimed to remember me from the previous year; honest guv!


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