AHFoW T-shirt
A Head Full of Wishes T-shirt

Now available to order is this lovely organic cotton A Head Full of Wishes T-shirt featuring the "earring" design used on the long sold out Everything's Swirling fanzine.

I have printed 50 shirts in "unisex" size from S M to XXL XL (but the extremes are limited so best be quick if you want one of those) - orders will be first come ~ first served.

All shirts will also come with a badge (in one of two random designs) and a fancy recylced cotton card (in one of three random designs).


I'm not setting up a PayPal "shop" like last time because it was bothersome and confusing so…

Check out how much you need to pay using the table below and then use PayPal to send money to andy@grange85.co.uk - in the comments please say:

  • what size you want - S / M / L / XL / XXL
  • your postal address (even if you think PayPal knows it!!)

All prices include postage

Rest of the world£12

Don't forget to include the size you want and your address!

For now I'm going with only one per person (unless there are special circumstances (e.g. two of you in the same household who both want one) in which case give me a shout!)

If the size you require is no longer available I will get in touch to offer an alternative or a refund!

AHFoW T-shirt
T-shirt and extras
Recycled cotton AHFoW collectors cards!!
Recycled cotton cards
The last #everythingsswirling fanzines were posted out this morning, all come with one of these "earring" badges (a few come with both). #galaxie500 #badges