Jan 312013

A few years ago I made a collection of posts digging out the original versions of the songs that Galaxie 500, Luna and Damon & Naomi had covered over the years – this was in the days before YouTube and Spotify so tracking down the originals was not as easy as it would be now [...]

Jan 232013
Audio: Lost tracks: Damon & Naomi - 14 Auspicious Dreams

14 Auspicious Dreams was released in 1997 on a benefit 7″ single for Ptolemaic Terrascope. The music was written by the late Hugh Hopper formerly of Soft Machine, the lyrics were by Naomi Yang. That’s what I’ve learnt from the sleeve and is pretty much all I do know about it. The single also included [...]

Jan 182013
Audio: Lost tracks: Dean Wareham - Indian Summer

This cover of Beat Happening’s Indian Summer turned up on a 7″ single given away with issue #7 of Chemical Imbalance and was recorded while Galaxie 500 were still a going concern. I don’t think it gets a mention in Black Postcards (although I don’t have a searchable version as yet – a Kindle issue [...]