Audio: Lost tracks: Mr Jealousy Luna Suite by Luna

As another Noah Baumbach movie is hitting cinemas this weekend here’s a related Luna obscurity. Dean first worked with Noah Baumbach on his 1997 film Mr Jealousy and has been involved in some capacity or another with most of his subsequent work.

MP3: Mr Jealousy Suite – Luna

A couple of years back Dean interviewed Noah for Salon and talked about their work togther.

Mr Jealousy poster

Actually it’s not that obscure because you can pick up Mr. Jealousy: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack from Amazon for peanuts.

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Audio: Seven tracks Dean Wareham released solo before he released what Pitchfork called “his debut solo album”

Photo: Norman Gholson Von Holtzendorff 1990

With the recent releases of Dean Wareham’s Emancipated Hearts and the more recent Dean Wareham you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the first ever solo releases by Dean… this is a little thrown together post to prove otherwise:

Here’s what I believe was Dean’s debut solo outing on the Shimmy Disc compilation What Else Do You Do? released in 1990. It’s an early, acoustic version of Smile which got it’s full band release on Luna’s debut LP Lunapark a couple of years later.

MP3: Dean Wareham – Smile

In 1991 Dean released a solo electric guitar piece called West Broadway on the No6/Glitterhouse compilation Guitarrorists

MP3: Dean Wareham – West Broadway

Also in 1991 Dean released a version of Beat Happening’s Indian Summer (later to become a regular in Luna’s set) on a promo 7″ single given away with Chemical Imbalance magazine.

MP3: Dean Wareham – Indian Summer

After Galaxie 500 split Dean was given some money to record some demos, these made an appearance on the Mint Records Anesthesia single as a solo release.

MP3: Dean Wareham – Anesthesia

MP3: Dean Wareham – I Can’t Wait

MP3: Dean Wareham – Tomato Poodle

In 2005 Dean recorded a solo version of Pink Floyd’s Hey You for the soundtrack of the Noah Baumbach film The Squid and The Whale

MP3: Dean Wareham – Hey You

… and then in 2014 Love is Colder than Death was released, the track was on Emancipated Hearts which Pitchfork described as “astonishingly, his debut solo release”

So Pitchfork, this post is to prove you wrong.

Audio: Lost tracks: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

In amongst all the Luna music in the film Tell Me Do You Miss Me were a number of specially composed pieces by each of the band members and here they are, ripped from the DVD for your listening pleasure

MP3: Darkness – Lee Wall


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Originals: America by Traffic Sound (covered by Magic Hour)

A few years ago I made a collection of posts digging out the original versions of the songs that Galaxie 500, Luna and Damon & Naomi had covered over the years – this was in the days before YouTube and Spotify so tracking down the originals was not as easy as it would be now (although Napster and Audiogalaxy helped). I have an alphabetical list of all the covers that our favourite bands have been involved in and my intention over the coming months (possibly years) is to dig out original of the track (or in some cases the version that most likely inspired the cover). I’ll possibly leave out the occasional cover from this series for various reasons.

And you’ll see I’ve left out the first one from the list which was Tom Rapp’s cover of Neil Young’s After The Goldrush which Naomi sang backing on and, I believe, Damon produced. But you all know that original, so…

Traffic Sound were a Peruvian Psychedelic Rock band active in the late 60s and early 70s and America was on their third album, Tibet’s Suzettes. In parallel with their career as a duo Damon & Naomi were for a short while in the band Magic Hour with Wayne Rogers and Kate Bigger formerly of Crystallized Movements and then of Major Stars. America was released as the b-side to their second single I Had a Thought:

MP3: Magic Hour – America

Oh OK then… here’s Tom Rapp’s cover of After the Goldrush
MP3: Tom Rapp – After The Goldrush
… and Neil’s original

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Audio: Lost tracks: Damon & Naomi – 14 Auspicious Dreams

dreams and wishes. 62/365
14 Auspicious Dreams was released in 1997 on a benefit 7″ single for Ptolemaic Terrascope. The music was written by the late Hugh Hopper formerly of Soft Machine, the lyrics were by Naomi Yang. That’s what I’ve learnt from the sleeve and is pretty much all I do know about it. The single also included tracks by The Bevis Frond, Flying Saucer Attack and The Silver Apples
Damon & Naomi – 14 Auspicious Dreams (mp3)