Quick round-up of the second half of Luna’s reunion tour of Spain and Portugal

Luna performing 23 Minutes in Brussels at Casa da Musica in Porto
So here’s a quick round-up of the second half of Luna’s tour of Span and Portugal, I posted the first half last week.

24th April 2015: Luna – Centro de Las Armas, Zaragoza


25th April 2015: Luna – Intxaurrondo, San Sebastián


26th April 2015: Luna – Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal

Obviously Porto has been well covered elsewhere on AHFoW

28th April 2015: Luna – Aulario la Bomba, Cádiz

In Cadiz, Luna were reunited with their missing gear

Reunited. ⭐️ #LunaReunion #Cadiz

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29th April 2015: Luna – Las Chocheras del Puerto, Huelva

30th April 2015: Luna – Planta Baja, Granada

#Luna lunera en #Granada #PlantaBaja #los90hanvuelto

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1st May 2015: Luna – SOS Festival, Murcia, Spain

Snippet of 23 Minutes in Brussels last night. Full vid uploading to Luna fb page now.

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2nd May 2015: Luna – Insomni, Girona

LUNA live from Girona 2/05/2015

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… and it was all over – and ready to start again in the UK in the summer and US in the autumn. Sit tight!

Quick round-up of the first half of Luna’s reunion tour of Spain

Well, I’m all packed and ready to head off to Portugal in the morning so before I go I’ll throw together a quick and dirty round-up of the first part of Luna’s reunion tour.

17th April 2015: Luna – Gijon Sound Festival, Gijon

Luna playing Pup Tent


18th April 2015: Luna – Escenario Santander, Santander

Night 2. #lunareunion

19th April 2015: Luna – Teatre de Lloseta, Lloseta, Mallorca


20th April 2015: Luna – Teatro Lara, Madrid

Luna live...

21st April 2015: Luna – Teatro Lara, Madrid

Luna! Post-show last night in Madrid

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22nd April 2015: Luna – La Cambra, Valencia


23rd April 2015: Luna – Bikini, Barcelona


Photos: Dean & Britta playing Unseen Warhol in Pittsburgh

Some photos of last weekend’s premiere of Unseen Warhol have been posted on Flickr by stupid blue

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Dean & Britta perform while Antoine and Nico eat bananas

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Dean & Britta, and Susan Bottomly with a whip
Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Dean & Britta play while Gerard Malanga kisses Mary Woronov’s boot of shiny, shiny leather
Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films
Britta playing behind Eleanor Friedberger (and in front of Edie Sedgewick)

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a review of the show:

You know what you’re going to get from Dean & Britta (Phillips) and it’s always good and Velvety. He put his psych guitar tone on surfy rocker “Paraphernalia” (Susan Bottomly dancing with a whip) and “Where Did Everyone Go?” to accompany Nico eating a banana (seductively, of course) with Antoine in front of the iconic Warhol/VU banana logo. The couple went a few shades darker for the black-and-white “Kiss the Boot,” which had poet/filmmaker Gerard Malanga lying submissively at the feet of Warhol superstar Mary Woronov.

The show, which also features Martin Rev (Suicide) and Tom Verlaine plays at Royce Hall, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, Los Angeles on Friday (24th October) and then BAM in NYC from the 6th to the 8th of November.

Dean Wareham at Indietracks round-up

Dean Wareham live...
Photo by Christoph!

Pictures: Christoph!’s pictures on Flickr
Words: Christoph’s review (German)

Dean Wareham at Indietracks
Photo by me

Pictures: My pictures on Flickr
Words: My Indietracks write-up

Video of the storming set closer, Fourth of July

Photo by acb

Words: Festival write-up in the Derby Telegraph

Update 2014-08-06:
Video of Dean performing a verse of Tugboat with Joanna Gruesome

There’s another version from the other side of the stage over here.
You can download the whole of Joanna Gruesome’s set over on DIME.

Video of Dean Warehama and band playing The Dancer Disappears

Drowned in Sound has a review of the weekend that pretty much nails Dean’s Saturday night set…

Wareham then returns for a set largely consisting of relics from his back catalogue and it’s possibly the highlight of the entire weekend. Sounding in good voice, the likes of ‘Snowstorm’, ‘When Will You Come Home’ and ‘Strange’ genuinely reduce grown men to tears, whilst ‘Fourth Of July’ orchestrates the closest thing to a mosh pit Indietracks will ever see.

Luna (social) reunion, July 2014

Just nabbed these from Facebook/Instagram. Luna’s last line-up lining up again (but just for a few photos).

Lee, Britta, Dean & Sean - July 2014
Lee, Britta, Dean & Sean – July 2014

Sean & Dean - July 2014
Sean & Dean – July 2014

Lee and Britta (July 2014)
Lee and Britta (July 2014)

Dean, Sean, Britta and Lee (July 2014)
Dean, Sean, Britta and Lee (July 2014)

Here’s what happened last time they shared a stage… almost 10 years ago

MP3: Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels – Bowery Ballroom, NYC 2005

Thanks to the photographers whose splendid work I’ve pinched without permission