Dec 032013
Dean Wareham's Galaxie 500 lyric notebooks

The latest issue of ESOPUS Magazine is dedicated to “personal and institutional archives”, it consists of a beautiful collection of booklets each dedicated to reproductions from someone’s (or some institution’s) archive, all are rather lovely but of interest to us is the one called… GOOD ON PAPER: Early drafts of Galaxy 500 Lyrics by Dean [...]

Dec 022013
Video: Dean Wareham in NYC

Dean Warheam played a show in Brooklyn on Friday, with Britta (obv) and Sean Eden (as a special guest), as well as Jason Quever of Papercuts. A few bits and pieces have popped up online: MudBoy on Flickr has a shed-load of photos, and a few short videos online: michaelfgioia on YouTube has a couple [...]

Jan 272013
Damon & Naomi with Richard Youngs in London (video and photos)

Damon & Naomi are now the support act, I don’t entirely have a problem with this because it’s not as if they support acts that I don’t enjoy (The Clientele in 2010 and Richard Youngs tonight), my main problem is that I feel a little sad at 40 minute sets, the back catalogue is rich [...]

Jul 192012
Photos and audio: Galaxie 500's first London show

At some point later this year A Head Full of Wishes will pass its eighteenth birthday, over those eighteen years I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent/emailed hundreds of photos (sadly a lot of them are not currently online.. but I am working on that!). Obviously in the age of the digital camera this [...]