Dean Wareham at Indietracks round-up

Dean Wareham live...
Photo by Christoph!

Pictures: Christoph!’s pictures on Flickr
Words: Christoph’s review (German)

Dean Wareham at Indietracks
Photo by me

Pictures: My pictures on Flickr
Words: My Indietracks write-up

Video of the storming set closer, Fourth of July

Photo by acb

Words: Festival write-up in the Derby Telegraph

Update 2014-08-06:
Video of Dean performing a verse of Tugboat with Joanna Gruesome

There’s another version from the other side of the stage over here.
You can download the whole of Joanna Gruesome’s set over on DIME.

Video of Dean Warehama and band playing The Dancer Disappears

Drowned in Sound has a review of the weekend that pretty much nails Dean’s Saturday night set…

Wareham then returns for a set largely consisting of relics from his back catalogue and it’s possibly the highlight of the entire weekend. Sounding in good voice, the likes of ‘Snowstorm’, ‘When Will You Come Home’ and ‘Strange’ genuinely reduce grown men to tears, whilst ‘Fourth Of July’ orchestrates the closest thing to a mosh pit Indietracks will ever see.

Luna (social) reunion, July 2014

Just nabbed these from Facebook/Instagram. Luna’s last line-up lining up again (but just for a few photos).

Lee, Britta, Dean & Sean - July 2014
Lee, Britta, Dean & Sean – July 2014

Sean & Dean - July 2014
Sean & Dean – July 2014

Lee and Britta (July 2014)
Lee and Britta (July 2014)

Dean, Sean, Britta and Lee (July 2014)
Dean, Sean, Britta and Lee (July 2014)

Here’s what happened last time they shared a stage… almost 10 years ago

MP3: Luna – 23 Minutes in Brussels – Bowery Ballroom, NYC 2005

Thanks to the photographers whose splendid work I’ve pinched without permission

Photos and video of Dean Wareham in San Francisco last week

Dean Wareham @ The Chapel SF
Dean Wareham in San Francisco
Photo: Greg Chow

Head over to Three Match Breeze to see a lovely set of of pictures of Dean Wareham’s recent show at the Chapel in San Francisco taken by Greg Chow (they have also been published on Prefix but Greg’s site has them in higher res and the bonus of this video of Indian Summer.

Dean Wareham @ The Chapel SF

Photos and words: Dean Wareham in London, 23rd May 2014

Dean Wareham
Day three of my three day fanboy traipse around the bottom half of England is closer to home at the Islington Assembly Hall. Apologies in advance for the rambly, mess that this post is, feel free to skip my nonsense and look at the pictures!

Last night, I organised a pre-gig meet-up for coffee and a chat in a café over the road from the venue and a bunch of really lovely folk turned up to kick off a remarkable evening. It was lovely to meet you all (or meet you again to the few I’d met before).

We headed into the venue in time for the support act. The Islington Assembly Hall is a big room, it turns out, too big for Dean Wareham tonight. The venue decided not to open the balcony and instead had put tables around the edge of the hall which were “reserved for people with balcony tickets”!

Support was the lovely Darren Hayman, formerly of Hefner who had arrived with an array of synths, drum machine and a keyboard and played a short but sweet set for the small audience. I think he was relieved when it was over.
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Photos and audio: Dean Wareham in Leamington Spa, 22nd May 2014

Dean Wareham in Leamington Spa
Second night. Finished work, headed home, and bundled Adam into the car to keep me company on the drive to Leamington Spa. Parking, that had been a headache in Brighton (and eventually cost me four quid), was a little easier in Leamington Spa… and free. Arrived just as the support act The Dreaming Spires took to the stage.

The Dreaming Spires played an enjoyable and charming set of rock to the 20 or so folk in the audience. They rather bravely tried to get the tiny audience going in a singalong, with surprisingly (relatively) successful results. They come from Oxfordshire, but I think they might wish they came from 4000 miles west of there.

By the time Dean and band took to the stage the audience had swelled to 30 or 40. The band battled with sound problems but the love and enthusiasm from the audience pulled a great show from them all the same – in Leamington Spa I’m inclined to think that the audience were the fifth member.
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