Photos and words: Dean Wareham in London, 23rd May 2014

Dean Wareham
Day three of my three day fanboy traipse around the bottom half of England is closer to home at the Islington Assembly Hall. Apologies in advance for the rambly, mess that this post is, feel free to skip my nonsense and look at the pictures!

Last night, I organised a pre-gig meet-up for coffee and a chat in a café over the road from the venue and a bunch of really lovely folk turned up to kick off a remarkable evening. It was lovely to meet you all (or meet you again to the few I’d met before).

We headed into the venue in time for the support act. The Islington Assembly Hall is a big room, it turns out, too big for Dean Wareham tonight. The venue decided not to open the balcony and instead had put tables around the edge of the hall which were “reserved for people with balcony tickets”!

Support was the lovely Darren Hayman, formerly of Hefner who had arrived with an array of synths, drum machine and a keyboard and played a short but sweet set for the small audience. I think he was relieved when it was over.
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Damon and Naomi at Café Oto, 18th May 2014

Music by Damon & Naomi
Music by Damon & Naomi

Left home and headed to Kings Cross where I was meeting Hazel, before heading into the wilds of Dalston to Café Oto for the second ever showing of Naomi’s film ‘Fortune’ presented with a live soundtrack performed by Damon & Naomi. Hazel’s train was delayed so I headed on alone.

It was a beautiful, warm evening so I loitered outside, where Damon & Naomi were also loitering. Chris came and introduced himself and we had a good chat before we sidled up to Damon & Naomi for a pre-gig natter. We hung around outside during the support act, who sounded interesting and (occasionally) noisy, but it was too nice outside.

Headed inside and Chris had found us a couple of good seats to the right of the stage, with a good view of the screen for the film, and Damon & Naomi took to the stage and issued the instruction to start the film… “press the space bar… did you press it? Did you press it twice?” – eventually the film started.

The film was a very beautiful, if slightly baffling, silent exploration of a man dealing with the loss of his father. Naomi explained, in a short Q&A after the film, how the project had been conceived as a visual addition to their show but had, over the course of the two years it took to make, become a film, with an arc. This explained to a certain extent its other-worldliness, and puzzling course, but in no way detracted from the beauty of the film and the eleven new songs that were written for it.

After the short Q&A, Damon & Naomi carried on with a set of songs that they felt reflected the mood of the film. They opened this second portion with Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren, and followed it with Lilac Land, Judah and the Maccabees, and then a stunningly beautiful Listen the Snow is Falling, which would have been the highlight of any year… but turned out it was an even higher highlight than that.

A stunning end to a very beautiful show. I went home on a cloud (and an overground, two undergrounds and a bus).

Naomi x2 - Fortune
Naomi x2 – Fortune

Damon & Naomi @ Café Oto
Damon & Naomi at Café Oto

Naomi Yang at Café Oto
Naomi Yang at Café Oto

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A Head Full of Wishes 2013 review

This has been hastily thrown together and no doubt misses lots of stuff – but these are some of the highlights of AHFoW’s year – hope you all had a good one!

January 2013
Dean was in the studio finishing up his solo album with Jim James of My Morning Jacket – the album will finally get a release on Sonic Cathedral and Double Feature in March 2014

Jim James and Dean Wareham at La La Land (photo: Britta)

Damon & Naomi played at Cafe OTO in London supporting Richard Youngs and, in Damon’s case, being Richard Youngs’ band.
Damon & Naomi

A Head Full of Wishes kicked off the “Originals” series of posts highlighting the original versions of the many tracks covered by Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi and Dean & Britta over the years. By the end of 2013 there would have been 50 posts!
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Struggling for an appropriate gift for your mates with impeccable taste?

Well AHFoW is here to help.

The 7″ single of Snowstorm, is in a lovely sleeve and beautifful translucent yellow vinyl. It was originally given away with limited numbers of the Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste DVD a couple of years back but can now be bought from Damon & Naomi’s on line shop

Buy Snowstorm (live) / Pictures (live) by Galaxie 500 from

Galaxie 500 – Snowstorm / Pictures

The 7″ single of Temperature’s Rising was given away with limited numbers of the Temperature’s Rising book

Buy Temperature’s Rising / Crazy by Galaxie 500 from

Temperature’s Rising / Crazy – Galaxie 500

And while we’re mentioning it… Temperature’s Rising: an oral and visual history by Mike McGonigal is a perfect gift for any fan… I need another copy so I can wear out the one I have!
Buy Temperature’s Rising: An Oral History of Galaxie 500 from

Temperature’s Rising book

Damon & Naomi’s online shop also has all the Galaxie 500 records on CD or vinyl, and lots of Damon & Naomi releases on CD and vinyl – go fill your boots

If you’re missing have a spanking new, yet stylishly retro Luna T-shirt then you’re in luck because Dean’s online store has the lovely LUNA/NASA design reissued
Buy a LUNA T-shirt from

Some poser showing off his Luna T

And in other clothing news…

Damon & Naomi are selling a nice slate grey Eclipse T-shirt and Dean is selling a black one… I have neither so you’ll have to make do with a stock photo for this!
Buy grey Galaxie 500 Eclipse T-shirt from Damon & Naomi
Buy black Galaxie 500 Eclipse T-shirt from Dean Wareham

Slate grey eclipse T-shirt

And for any digital lovers out there you can now send Bandcamp downloads as gifts so head over to Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi‘s bandcamps and introduce your unititiated friends to a whole new world!

Vote in the 2013 A Head Full of Wishes survey

Vote in the 2013 survey

It’s that time of year again where you get to vote in the 19th A Head Full of Wishes. Vote for your favourite Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi and Dean & Britta album and five tracks. One lucky voter will get a couple of 7″ singles – probably this one, this one, and the last one of these I’ll ever give away!

Voters in San Gabriel Valley

Vote here – or if you prefer you can email me your choices (one album, five tracks for each of Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi and Dean & Britta).