Update 2014-05-30
I’ve now redirected all the old database content to the new site. There’s still a lot missing but I needed to start working with it here so that I wasn’t needing To maintain in two places.

The old database is still (secretly) available but is not being updated so please only use it for reference.

The A Head Full of Wishes shows collection contains details of over 1300 shows played by Galaxie 500, Luna, Damon & Naomi, Dean & Britta and Dean Wareham since 1987. Over the coming months it will be getting gradually better and fuller. You can view and comment on any shows in the database (and please do!).

There will be things broken, if you find anything that is please do get in touch with me.

Update 2014-05-08
OK, all the tracks are now in the database (and linked from setlists where they exist) – the index page is currently one long alphabetical list – that’s on my TODO list to fix!

Search doesn’t work for the shows and tracks (yet) – sorry.

The next stage will be to migrate the discography into the site.


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