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#151: Cheval Sombre - Days Go By

Days Go By was Cheval Sombre’s second album of 2021, arriving just a couple of months after Time Waits for No One. Maybe because of that I do find it hard not to think of them as one double album, they are different, Days Go By feels a little lighter in tone, but they are still clearly related.

Cheval Sombre - Days Go By (LP)
Cheval Sombre - Days Go By (LP)

The relationship to Time Waits for No One is clear, and it’s more than just the timing - the sleeve artwork is similar, and it uses the same guests and contributors. Given my love of a gatefold sleeve I sort of maybe wish it was a double LP.

Cheval Sombre is probably going to be the sixth most posted artist in this series and the highest placed not to have once been a member of Galaxie 500.

The top ten probably looks something like this (although it’s a bit muddled because of collabs and my weird definitions):

  1. Luna
  2. Galaxie 500
  3. Damon & Naomi
  4. Dean & Britta
  5. Dean Wareham
  6. Cheval Sombre
  7. Magic Hour
  8. The Pastels
  9. Fuxa
  10. Cagney & Lacee

This is the Sonic Cathedral Bandcamp exclusive version in “frosted clear with blue splatter” vinyl that was limited to 150 copies.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/091
  • Artist: Cheval Sombre
  • Title: Days Go By
  • Notes: frosted clear with blue splatter vinyl
  • Format: LP
  • Bought direct from Sonic Cathedral for (£20 plus £4 shipping)
  • Buy ‘Days Go By’ on Bandcamp

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