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#047: Cheval Sombre - self-titled

I first heard of Cheval Sombre in September 2008 when Dean emailed me to tell me that Britta had remixed a track for a single by “our friend who goes by the name of Cheval Sombre” on Irish label Trensmat. Britta’s remix of I Sleep was on the CD that was tucked in with the 7” single. The following year Dean & Britta’s Double Feature Records released this, Cheval Sombre’s first full length LP. And it’s a beauty.

Cheval Sombre - self titled and sealed
Cheval Sombre - self titled and sealed

My copy, as you can see, is still in it’s shrink-wrap - that’s because Dean had sent me a promo copy before release, which I had listened to a lot.

A few months after release Dean & Britta played a show at St Giles’ Church in London with Cheval Sombre supporting:

I arrived shortly before Cheval Sombre took to the stage, hooked up with David and settled down in a pew with as good a view as we could expect at this late stage. Cheval Sombre played seated, accompanied by a seated Sonic Boom. I think Britta (who accompanied them) may have been standing… but she was standing behind the PA (except when she sat behind the drums). Dean played guitar on a couple of songs and stood… in my eye line. But I never saw too much of the set

I have quite the history of seeing, yet not seeing Cheval Sombre gigs… even from the front row!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/141
  • Artist: Cheval Sombre
  • Title: Cheval Sombre
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Sealed digipack
  • Format: CD
  • Not sure where I bought this - possibly direct from Dean & Britta / Double Feature??