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#094: Cheval Sombre - Mad Love (CD)

This is the CD version of Cheval Sombre’s second album Mad Love that was released in 2012. I bought this copy in 2015 when Sonic Cathedral were having a crazy sale of CDs most for £2.50 some even cheaper. My copy is still sealed… because I already had this lovely album on LP.

Cheval Sombre - Mad Love (CD) and Live at St Pancras Old Church (MC)
Cheval Sombre - Mad Love (CD) and Live at St Pancras Old Church (MC)

Shortly after the release of this album Cheval Sombre played a lovely show at St Pancras Old Church with Sonic Boom accompanying (and the lovely The Left Outsides supporting) - I arrived, as I invariably do at this venue, very early and took up an unfamiliar front row seat - I normally prefer to stand at the back, but for some reason I decided that Cheval Sombre might be enjoyed sitting down. I had a lovely view of The Left Outsides… but then…

Cheval Sombre with Sonic Boom

... this was my view!
... this was my view!

The show was recorded for posterity and released on a limited edition cassette by Sonic Cathedral and a photograph of the show from my position was used on the sleeve. There are more of my pictures from the show on Flickr.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/143
  • Artist: Cheval Sombre
  • Title: Mad Love
  • Notes: Sealed
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought from Sonic Cathedral in a sale for £2.50 (along with a hatful of other greats).
  • Buy ‘Mad Love’ on Bandcamp

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