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#013: Cheval Sombre - Mad Love (LP)

This is the second Cheval Sombre LP and came out on Sonic Cathedral in November 2012. It features contributions from Dean Wareham, on two tracks, and Britta Phillips on two tracks - but neither on the same track.

Cheval Sombre - Mad Love
Cheval Sombre - Mad Love

The sleeve has some astounding artwork by Sharon Lock that I guess was insipired by the heartbreaking letters of Emma Hauck. Sharon’s cover art will turn up a few more times in my record collection, and is always breathtaking or provoking or eye-catching, or… all three.

AND… this is the main reason that LPs are better than CDs or mp3s - my ears aren’t good enough to hear “the warmth” or the “heart” and I’m quite fond of the convenience of more digital formats, BUT if you have beautiful album art what it really needs is to be a seen on a 12 inch square piece of thick card.

Sharon’s Mad Love sleeve needs to be seen on an LP - and thankfully it can be.

The music contained within is pretty damn special too.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/004
  • Artist: Cheval Sombre
  • Title: Mad Love
  • Notes: Clear vinyl
  • Packaging: Beautiful card sleeve
  • Format: LP
  • Bought direct from Sonic Cathedral… I think.
  • Buy ‘Mad Love’ on Bandcamp