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#044: Galaxie 500 - Today (maroon vinyl LP)

So… having regained the rights to their recordings from Ryko in 2009, ten years later we find Galaxie 500 starting a programme of releasing limited run exclusive editions through Boston retailer Newbury Comics. This version of Today was the third of these, released shortly before Christmas 2019 in maroon vinyl with a black “swirl” (not really a swirl, more of a smear).

Galaxie 500 - Today (maroon vinyl, 2019)
Galaxie 500 - Today (maroon vinyl, 2019)

Once upon a time coloured vinyl was the exception, and coming across one was more special because of that. But in the last couple of years very few records I’ve bought have been black. Now, I guess the record buyers must love that, or perhaps the record sellers think it’s what the record buyers want, but I sort of miss the days when a coloured record was a surprise, or a treat.

Obviously I bought myself an orange On Fire, a blue (swirl/smear) This Is Our Music, and this one - maybe I’m just a sucker (no maybe about it) … but I justify it because the colour choices at least made sense - matching, or near-matching the album sleeve colours. I have resisted the latest pink On Fire and purple This Is Our Music ones.

So at the end of 2019 this cost me $23.99 plus $14.99 postage - total $38.98
A pink vinyl On Fire from the same retailer in 2023 would be $34.99 plus $15.99 postage - total $50.98

A 30% increase in three years!

I am relieved that the first wave of reissues were black though.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/044
  • Artist: Galaxie 500
  • Title: Today
  • Notes: Maroon “swirl” vinyl
  • Packaging: Card sleeve
  • Format: LP
  • Bought from Newbury Comics for $23.99 (plus $14.99 postage)
  • Buy ‘Today’ on Bandcamp

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