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#040: Today / On Fire / This Is Our Music

The 2009 20-20-20 vinyl reissues of Galaxie 500’s On Fire and This Is Our Music conincidentally turned up next to each other in my random list so I’ve pulled in Today and will treat them as a single post since all three albums will have multiple solo entries in this series anyway - and it’s going to take me until March 2026 to finish it anyway!

Galaxie 500 2009 reissues
Galaxie 500 2009 reissues

When Rykodisc re-issued the Galaxie 500 catalogue in 1996 we were probbably at the vinyl nadir so the albums only got re-issued on CD. On 28th April 2009 Ryko’s licence expired and the band took back all their rights to the recordings and conseuqently the albums finally got the long-awaited vinyl reissues on Damon & Naomi’s 20-20-20 records. The albums were remastered for vinyl by Alan Douches and Kramer (the CDs issued at the same time used Ryko’s 1996 remasters).

My copies were sent to me as a gift by Damon after I enquired about whether they were bringing any copies over on the upcoming Damon & Naomi UK tour - they weren’t but he popped all three in the post! They were simultaneously released in the UK on Domino.

They were also released as lossless digital downloads available from an online shop with the domain fierybreeze.com which is also published on the back of the sleeves - and is on the sleeves of the recent coloured vinyl reissues. Someone however has let that domain expire and it now hosts something a little less reputable. I’ve linked to the site from 2009 in the Wayback Machine to save your eyes from a noisy gambling site.

  • Catalogue Numbers: AHFOW 12/033 / AHFOW 12/035 / AHFOW 12/039
  • Artist: Galaxie 500
  • Title: Today / On Fire / This Is Our Music
  • Notes:
  • Packaging:
  • Format: LP
  • Sent to me by Damon on release
  • Buy all of these on Bandcamp

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