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#027: Galaxie 500 - Today (Schemer CD)

So, Galaxie 500’s Today puts in it’s second appearance in this series in the form of the release on Dutch/German label Schemer. For some reason the first European releases of Today were on Schemer, for the CD, and Shimmy Disc Europe for the LP.

Galaxie 500 - Today (CD, Schemer)
Galaxie 500 - Today (CD, Schemer)

This was the first CD release of the album and also the first appearance anywhere of bonus track Crazy - and its only outing anywhere until it turned up on the Uncollected disc in the box set in 1996. The Rough Trade reissue CD editions of Today did have an extra track but it was always the b-side of their first single, King of Spain.

The Schemer logo is oversized and ugly, and rather ruins the album’s minimalist aesthetic, being carelessly dumped on the back of the sleeve, and on the very undesigned disc itself.

This was another fill out the collection purchase in 2012 - bought on eBay.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/005
  • Artist: Galaxie 500
  • Title: Today
  • Notes: Schemer CD edition
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought on eBay - can’t find out what I paid… I’d guess no more than a fiver.
  • Buy ‘Today’ on Bandcamp

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