Mp3: Luna live in London in 1993

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Luna promo photo
Luna promo photo

Back in the early 90s I used to record shows until I realised that often I was worrying more about the recording and not enjoying the show as much as I should. I recorded two Luna shows, first one in London in 1992 (my first recording with my new Walkman Pro and I had it set up all wrong so sounds pretty poor) and this one from 1993 Firstly here’s how I described it when I shared it on easytree a few years back…

Luna were in town supporting The Velvet Underground on their reunion tour and threw in this headline show at The Borderline. The band seemed in good humour and put on a damn fine show. I remember the “I Want Everything” girl pissing me off at the time but I now find it quite funny and it led to some nice banter from the band “Can we get some Valium down here please”.
And a couple of Galaxie 500 tracks just to make a great show complete.

And for a bit more on the “I Want Everything” girl here’s a story I posted to The Galaxie 500 Mailing List shortly after Luna’s last show in London in 2005…

At the ULU gig there was some heckling going on and Dean said “are you from Colchester?” - which struck me as being an odd thing to say - but hey - who knows what goes on in Dean’s head.

While listening to a London gig [from 1993] the band were being constantly screamed at by a girl - the “I Want Everything girl” (IWEG) as she is now officially known (in my head) - and at one point she screams (and this is just a rough guestimate rather than an accurate transcription as I don’t have a copy with me at work today)…

IWEG: “We’re from Colchester”
DEAN: “Colchester? Where the hell is that?”

So it seems that Dean either…

still remembers the endless ear-bashing the IWEG gave him back in ‘93 (possibly waking up in cold-sweats in the middle of the night)


has been constantly plagued by hecklers from Colchester for the last 12 years

if IWEG is on the list I’d like to say that while I was pissed off with you back in 93 - listening again to that show made me appreciate your contribution to a very good night - Thank you!

Stream Luna @ The Borderline London (audio only)

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