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#006: Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham - Je t'aime / I Wanna Boogie With You (7")

Angel Corpus Christi and Dean Wareham cover Serge Gainsbourg and Lou Reed - what could be more perfect?

Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham
Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham

I did declare in the introduction to this series that I was being selective about what from my AHFoW collection would be included, but deciding what to include and what to leave out was becoming far too difficult - for instance, there was no way I’d be leaving out this absolute gem… but why include this and not, for example, Dean guesting on Ivy’s Apartment Life, or Damon & Naomi’s contributions to the Pearls Before Swine Constructive Melancholy compilation. So… everything is going in. Or at least everything that I know of! So my spreadsheet now has 347 rows and weekly posts would take me well into 2029! So… I’m trying to post more frequently!

So, back to Je t’aime / I Wanna Boogie With You … I didn’t buy this at the time of release (1997), but had an mp3 that Angel had put on her “official, unauthorized website”. I then got it on CD when it was released on ACC’s Louis Louis LP.

I eventually picked this picked this up for a tenner on Discogs in 2016, except annoyingly, without the postcard - it was described in the listing as…

Unplayed vgc pink vinyl in pvc sleeve. No postcard. No sticker. Unplayed one off. From pressing plant at time - Hence no packaging. Low price for rare 7”.

I’m not sure a tenner was a low price for a rare 7” (Discogs says the average is £9) but it was the only copy at the time that was shipping from the UK and so had reasonable postage costs. And I so wanted a copy.

The track was also released on a Munster 7” which I don’t own… yet!

The flip has Angel covering Suicide’s Cheree, with Alan Vega, and The Beach Boys’ Surfer Girl.

Angel can still be found around these parts… ACC website, ACC Instagram, ACC Bandcamp

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 11/067
  • Artist: Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham
  • Title: Je t’aime / I Wanna Boogie With You
  • Notes: Pink vinyl, no postcard
  • Packaging: PVC sleeve
  • Format: 7”
  • Bought from Discogs for £10 + postage