• Title: Double Feature
  • Written by:


shall i tell you once again
i didn't change my mind
it changed all by itself
now they say that i'm unkind
there was nothin' i could do
no decision to be made
little by little
it caught me surprise

i don't know why
i can't say how

who'm i gonna be
what am i gonna do
i've been foolin' everybody
i've been uptown at the zoo
i have seen the chimpanzes
in the afternoon sun
it's quiet at the snakehouse
and my legs are turned to jelly

i don't know why
i can't say how

who're you gonna be
when you walk into my life
i turned so sentimental
cause i have no one to talk to
over and over
it's a merry go round
it changed all by itself
don't you say that i'm unkind


Intro, Verse
Am, Dm,
F, Em, Dm, F, Em, Dm, (Em?)

(provided by Drew)