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#124: Luna - Rendezvous promo CD

As promised a couple of weeks back here is the promo CD of Luna’s final album Rendezvous that I scrounged off Jetset shortly after the album was announced.

Luna - Rendezvous (promo CD)
Luna - Rendezvous (promo CD)

I was quite excited to get a copy of the album and posted as much to the Galaxie 500 Mailing List with a few thoughts. A couple of people took exception to my comments - suggesting that I was somehow posting spoilers, that I’d probably ripped and shared the CD to file-sharing websites, and that I wouldn’t buy the record now I’d got it for nothing. I apologised but ffs how can you spoil an album (ok… maybe a concept album) - it’s not like I’d posted a track-by-track analysis, I’d literally said I’d heard it and that I loved Speedbumps.

For the most part the mailing list was a cool place to hang out but sometimes…

Anyway, the album promotion had started, Pitchfork had posted a tracklisting, so I emailed Jetset and asked for a copy and they sent me this CD in a card sleeve.

When Dean ranked Luna’s albums he put Rendezvous in second place and said “I didn’t like it that much at the time. I was just tired of Luna. But when I listen to it now, I think it’s really catchy” - I too was probably a little cool on release so found things to bother me about it. But the album is great - Malibu Love Nest is such a great album opener (although Luna always knew how to start an album perfectly), and I still adore Speedbumps.

I wasn’t happy about everything though…

I must admit that I'm still not entirely comfortable with hearing Luna without hearing Dean. I love both of Sean's songs and they're close enough to Luna to not bother me too much but I'm sorry but I can't love then AS Luna songs.

I really have, over the years, tried to think of Luna as _A band_ not _DEAN'S band_ - but hearing someone else sing Luna songs just isn't sitting right with me at the moment...

"Still at Home" is a track I'd buy an album for so I'm looking forward to hearing Sean in his own band (SEAN'S band!).

Galaxie 500 Mailing List - 27th October 2004

So… Sean, how’s that solo album coming along?

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/001
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Rendezvous
  • Notes: promo
  • Packaging: card sleeve
  • Format: CD
  • Scrounged from Jetset
  • Buy ‘Rendezvous’ on Bandcamp

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