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Cross promotion - 60 albums

Apologies for a bit of cross promotion. Next month I’ll reach 60 and since the beginning of the year over on my personal blog Everything’s Swirling I’ve been posting about an album from every year of my life (the series is called 60 albums but of course, there’ll be 61 becuase… artithmetic!

The intention was to try and be a bit daring and experimental but it has now reached the 90s and has become a full on indie fest, because it’s what I find it easiest to witter on about.

It’s not entirely without AHFoW relevance of course, because all roads lead to Galaxie 500! I’ve snuck relevant content into…

… and there’ll almost certainly be more.

I’m pretty certain I could have got AHFoW relevance into every post - sort of wish I’d tried that! But still, you can get a little insight into what makes me tick, and get a tour through the phases of my musical progression (pop, rock, metal, folk, etc.)

  • 60 albums
  • I did it before 10 years ago for my 50th birthday - 50 albums
  • I’m also picking the 50 best singles between 1954 and 1976 - #LET5D0IT