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#120: Luna - Rendezvous (LP)

Luna’s final album Rendezvous only got released on CD back in 2004 and we had to wait until Record Store Day 2012 before it finally saw a vinyl release on Dean & Britta’s Double Feature records.

Luna - Rendezvous (Record Store Day LP)
Luna - Rendezvous (Record Store Day LP)

Record Store Day, because of what it is, meant that the limited run of 1000 copies were not available through online retailers (or at least not in the first instance)… and I don’t do RSD on the day… I don’t do crowds or queues. My usual tactic is to visit my favourite shops a week or two afterwards and mop up any leftovers. Or at least it was before RSD releases got stupidly expensive!

“So Andy…”, you ask, “how did this get into your collection then!?” - well, like an embarassing amount of this series, it was sent to me by Dean… and is signed in silver pen on the back - just by Dean. I guess Britta was out when he was posting?

I must admit that I was a little cool on the artwork for Rendezvous on release, but I think that’s because it really did benefit from being LP sized. I think because of that initial coolness I hadn’t looked into the photographer’s other work. I just decided to check out Chas Ray Krider and the young lady on Rendezvous is I guess overdressed by their usual standards!

Have I already done a ranking of Luna’s LP covers? Probably not, so here goes.

  1. Penthouse - photo by Ted Croner / I adore Ted Croner’s grainy night shots of NYC.
  2. Lunafied - photo Alberdo Morell / A gorgeous camera obscura photo - I emailed Dean to find out if it was going to have a physical release because the sleeve was so beautiful… it took 12 years but did… eventually.
  3. Best of Luna - illustration by Adrian Tomine / I was a fan of Tomine from way before this so having his art turn up on a Luna disc was a treat.
  4. Rendezvous - photo by Chas Ray Krider.
  5. Bewitched - / The reissue cover is lovely - it’s baffling that someone thought that the original sleeve was better.
  6. Lunapark - Raymond Loewy’s pencil sharpener / yes, pencil sharpener!?
  7. Pup Tent - photo David Levinthal.
  8. Romantica - painting by Steve Ellis.
  9. The Days of Our Nights - painting by Richard Phillips / I used to really dislike this but again, bigger art work made it better and I don’t mind it so much now.
  10. A Sentimental Education - image by Niko Luoma.
  11. Luna Live / This is awful, looks like a five minute Photoshop job - sorry if it was you.

There’s another Rendezvous post coming in a week or so, I’ll maybe talk about the music then!

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/052
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Rendezvous
  • Notes: Record Store Day release in black vinyl - sleeve signed by Dean Wareham.
  • Packaging: Lovely thick card sleeve
  • Format: LP
  • Buy ‘Rendezvous’ on Bandcamp