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#122: Magic Hour - I Had a Thought / America

After a crazy run of Magic Hour releases in the first few months of this series this is their first appearance in over six months. This is a black vinyl copy of the last Magic Hour single.

Magic Hour - I Had a Thought / America
Magic Hour - I Had a Thought / America

The A side is I Had a Thought and is lifted from their second album Will They Turn You On or Will They Turn on You, the B side is a cover of America from Peruvian rock band Traffic Sound’s third album, Tibet’s Suzettes from 1970.

The picture on the sleeve is of indigenous American Mountain Chief listening to a recording on a wax cylinder being played by enthnologist Frances Densemore in 1916. A different pic from the same session appeared on the sleeve of the Folkways album Healing Songs of the American Indians.

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