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#046: Magic Hour - No Excess Is Absurd

No Excess Is Absurd was Magic Hour’s first album and is the one with the bonus of having Naomi doing a gorgeous vocal on their cover of folk standard Sally Free and Easy. It was released in the uk by Che records and I would have bought this round the time it was released in 1994.

A dying No Excess Is Absurd - Magic Hour
A dying No Excess Is Absurd - Magic Hour
News item in the NME, October 1994
News item, NME 1994

Now, 1994 was the very early days of the Internet, I started A Head Full of Wishes in the autumn of that year. Magic Hour toured the UK in October 1994 … I managed to miss this news item in NME and so managed to not see them when they toured. There is a video of their show at The Sausage Machine in Camden on the 28th October which should make me happy but just makes me all the more annoyed that I missed it.

My CD of this is dying. When they were new, CDs were pitched as being indestructible but… no, turns out this was nonsense - in fact not indestructible rather they fail more catastrophically - I’ll have a story to tell about this in a later post. Luckily… No Excess is Absurd is one of the many releases in this series I have multiple copies of so my dying Che CD isn’t a complete catastrophe.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 10/092
  • Artist: Magic Hour
  • Title: No Excess Is Absurd
  • Notes:
  • Packaging: Jewel case
  • Format: CD
  • Bought for whatever CDs cost, probably in an indie store in London, or one of the big West End mega-stores.
  • Buy ‘No Excess Is Absurd’ on Bandcamp