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Damon Krukowski writes about streaming for The Guardian

Damon has another opinion piece in the Guardian today about streaming payments for musicians, and a bill being introduced in US Congress in an attempt to address the problems.

That’s a broken system. It’s not just broken for individual artists, it’s broken for our society as a whole. We all benefit from music. And I believe we as a society want that music to come from as wide and deep and rich and varied sources as exist. How could we not?

How are musicians supposed to survive on $0.00173 per stream?

The Living Wage for Musicians Act proposes a straightforward mechanism: an additional subscription fee, earmarked for artists, plus a percentage of platforms’ non-subscription revenue to cover ad-supported (free) streaming, is paid into an Artist Compensation Royalty Fund.

How are musicians supposed to survive on $0.00173 per stream?