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Have you been paying attention? Prize quiz #1

Now, since we’re close to 100 posts in the series, and since it’s almost Christmas, and since I get very little feedback on my posts (OK, a bit on Twitter, FB and Instagram, and the occasional email) - I decided to make sure that my dedicated readers, are actually reading!

The fabulous prize for the winner!
The fabulous prize for the winner!

So - here are twenty questions, the answers to all of them can be found in the my record collection series of posts, some will be easy to track down the answers to, others might require a bit of lateral thinking or legwork - there will be a fabulous prize for the person with the most correct answers (see the picture below).

Here are the questions if you want to do some research, and then head over here to fill in your answers.

  • Name three of the tracks that I played during my only DJ stint?
  • I saw three gigs on Dean’s UK tour promoting his self-titled LP - where were they?
  • Who did Dean send a Galaxie 500 postcard to in November 1990?
  • Where did I buy my 12” copy of the Pierre Etoile EP?
  • What single has A and B sides on the sleeve, but A and AA sides on the labels?
  • An e-card announced the release date of Damon & Naomi with Ghost - what was the date?
  • Who is Ray Agony?
  • What’s the URL of the promo page I put together to sell Dear Paulina?
  • Who were the three support bands when Dean & Britta played The Legion in 2007?
  • On which entry did I post my astrological chart?
  • What’s the Wings Christmas #1 that nobody remembers?
  • How many times have I mentioned Motorhead so far during the series?
  • What one track cost me $21.64?
  • What was Dean Wareham’s first solo album?
  • What was I watching when I had to “rewind the tape to see Dean’s big part”?
  • Which Luna song makes me think of Hazel?
  • Who designed the object pictured on the front of Luna’s Lunapark LP?
  • In 2016 I ranked Luna’s seven albums - which did I rank 5th?
  • Which is correct, Turn or Turned?
  • What was the real reason for the removable sticker on a Cagney & Lacee single?

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A shelf of singles
A shelf of singles