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#084: therealangelcorpuschristi

Unlike Angel Corpus Christi’s lovely Luna tribute album I don’t have to bend the rules to include therealangelcorpuschristi since Dean plays guitar (and Britta bass) on a Velvet Underground cover.

Angel Corpus Christi - therealangelcorpuschristi (LP)
Angel Corpus Christi - therealangelcorpuschristi (LP)

therealangelcorpuschristi is a compilation album pulling splendid contributions from across Angel’s remarkable body of work. Dean and Britta turn up on a splendid cover of Femme Fatale:

We asked Pete (Sonic Boom) Kember to play on Femme Fatale, and he surprised us with a hypnotizing version featuring Dean Wareham on quitar, Britta Phillips on bass, and Pete on various keys. Pete mixed it too and the result went above and beyond our expectations!

The whole album is amazing and worth hunting down - not sure it ever got a digital release but you can find most of it sprinkled around Angel’s Bandcamp it includes a fab cover of Dream Baby Dream (with Alan Vega!), Angel questioning Lou Reed’s hairstyle choices in Lou Reed’s Hair (but ultimately forgiving him), and a frankly hilarious Baby Elephant Walk/Walk on The Wild Side mash up.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 12/001†
  • Artist: Angel Corpus Christi
  • Title: therealangelcorpuschristi
  • Format: LP
  • Bought from Amazon for £22.99 (incl postage)

Previously in my record collection:

I had catalogued my memorabilia (clippings, photos, etc.) for years but only started giving my cd and vinyl catalogue numbers a few years ago which is how an album so late in my collection (but so early in the alphabet) has this number.