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#036: Everything's Swirling #3 - fanzine to download

I just noticed that I never shared a PDF of Everything’s Swirling #3 a fanzine put together for Luna’s 30th birthday last year. It was a very short run - I think just 50 copies - and was probably the lightest in terms of content but - seems a shame not to share it all the same!

Everything’s Swirling #3 - March 2022 (PDF, 2MB)

It was a rather hastily thrown together affair and I never got as much interest from folk wanting to contribute which was sad (and a bit of a surprise) - that means it’s a bit heavy with my “art” and relies very much on two fab interviews from around Luna’s birth. One by Jen from before Stanley was in the band, and one by David from Luna²’s first UK tour. Also Robert came through (as he often does) with some fab pics from 1996.

Everything's Swirling #3 - cover
Everything's Swirling #3 - cover

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