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#034: Everything's Swirling #1 - fanzine to download

Everything's Swirling
Everything's Swirling

Back in 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the begining of Galaxie 500 I threw together the first issue of Everything’s Swirling - it was a messy, mostly hand-made affair with loads of great contributions from lots of talented fans. The initial run of 100 sold out in no time and a second run of 50 went almost as fast… and that was it - it was in the hands of 150 folk.

Now, I’d been meaning to make a downloadable version but I just never got myself organised enough to do it.

Well, this week I got organised!

Here’s how I described the fanzine back in 2017:

The 32 page booklet is limited to 100 copies and includes articles, photographs, art and memorabilia by fans from all over the world. It will come with a numbered, hand printed, and hand-stamped sleeve, and will include a badge (button) and a high quality photograph of the band in either London in 1989 or Frankfurt in 1990 (most 15cm x 10cm but a few random issues will have larger 21cm x 14cm photos)

So here is a PDF - I’ve tagged a few extras onto the end to make up for the fact that you won’t be getting a badge or a high quality photo!

Everything’s Swirling - A Galaxie 500 fanzine (PDF, 6.3MB)

And… because I can barely believe it happened…