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#076: Luna live in Boulder, CO 2000 MC

I have surprisingly few bootleg cassettes. I have the ones I’ve made (a couple of which will turn up later) but not so many others. This is a Luna show from the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO in 2000 and… I’ve no idea how it came into my possesion (as always if it was you… thanks!)

Luna bootleg cassette, 2000
Luna bootleg cassette, 2000

During my metal phase I had literally hundreds of bootleg cassettes - mostly bought at markets and record fairs around London. Often recordings of gigs I was at that would often hit the markets the weekend after the show. Sadly all of those went AWOL in a move (something else I keep dreaming will turn up again).

But by the time I became a Galaxie 500 fan I’d stopped that. Maybe because I just didn’t go to where they were being sold any more. I also think I digitised and ditched a lot of the ones I did acquire over time so there are very few cassettes in my collection, so the ones that are are a bit of a mystery. Why do I have this? Why did I keep it? It’s a middling audience recording from Britta’s early days but I don’t have it digitised… and to be honest decided it wasn’t worth my time to bother. I have lots of better recordings so, here’s Fuzzy Wuzzy from The Bowery Ballroom a few days later.

  • Catalogue Number: AHFOW 16/013
  • Artist: Luna
  • Title: Luna - Boulder Co - Fox Theatre 3 April 2000
  • Format: MC
  • Sent to me by a fellow fan, possibly an exchange?